Guide to Activate Xfinity Mobile Sim:

Xfinity Mobile has a powerful nationwide network with 5G and secure Wi-Fi hotspots. How to power your new phone on Xfinity Mobile, the nation’s best network. Read the activation guide at activate

Detailed Method to Activate New Xfinity Mobile via

Have an Xfinity ID to sign in and activate? If not, sign up for Xfinity Mobile to get your credentials. Let’s explore what the nation’s leading network has in store for you.

  • Devices: Activate your new device. Complete it. Unboxing ensures you have all the contents and accessories. Next steps

  • Yes, unbox! Unbox your phone to see if it’s ready. Unbox the Xfinity Mobile SIM card, phone, charger, and other items if ordered. All these accessories should work. Unplug the phone. Don’t turn it on; SIM card insertion is next.

  • Insert Xfinity Mobile SIM card:

    After unboxing your new Xfinity phone, organize the accessories and make sure you have everything you need to activate it. After unboxing, insert the SIM card. Smartphone SIM card insertion is easy. Xfinity Mobile helps you avoid mixing up SIM cards (if you have got more than one SIM card for your entire family). Nothing to worry about with the Easy SIM card’s device.

Xfinity customers keep their phones active. In that case, they can use the Xfinity Mobile SIM card for chatting, texting, calling, and more. Simply remove your phone’s current SIM card and insert the Xfinity Mobile SIM card.

Access the Authorized Activation Page

It’s over. Here’s the easy part. This requires another smart device or an Internet-connected computer. After checking the prerequisites, you can visit

On this page, enter your email address (or mobile number) and Xfinity password. Click “Sign In” after entering your details. Click the correspondence checkbox before clicking “Sign In” to “Stay signed in.”

After logging in, transfer your phone number. You’ll need your old carrier’s account credentials. You can’t transfer your phone number without your account number and PIN. If not, look at past bills. If you can’t find it, contact your carrier. They’re helpful.

If you need one, click “I want a new number.” Xfinity will give you a new phone number after activation.

  • Active: Followed every step? Great! To finish, click “Activate.” Sending confirmation email. New numbers are possible (only if you have requested them).

Steps are completed. Turn on the phone. What’s up? Take advantage of the fastest 4G and 5G LTE networks. Over 20 million secure hotspots are available. activate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Xfinity Mobile uses which network? 
Xfinity uses Verizon’s network.

Xfinity or T-Mobile 5G? 
Xfinity’s download speed ranges from 50 Mbps to 3 Gbps. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet can download at a rate of 182 Mbps. Therefore, Xfinity is faster.

Can I get Xfinity Mobile without the internet? 
No Xfinity Internet customers can use Xfinity Mobile. You need Xfinity internet to use the mobile service.

How long does SIM card activation take? 
SIM card activation takes about 10 minutes.

Not activating Xfinity Mobile. Fix it. 
Some fixes:

Activate your phone over Wi-Fi. 
If the device is activated but not working, look for ‘Xfinity Mobile’ in the top left corner. Follow these steps if you can’t see them: Settings>General>About. When prompted, click Update Carrier Settings. 
phone restart. 
Contact Xfinity Mobile if the problem persists.

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