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If you are already receiving payments from Social Security or SSI and you have a bank account, you are eligible to sign up for Direct Deposit by following the steps below:

  • Online Direct Deposit (Social Security only),
  • Call your bank, credit union, or S&L,
  • dialling 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or visiting
  • Social Security Field Offices

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Because the Direct Express® card is a debit card that can be used to access your benefits, you do not need to have a bank account to use it.

If you participate in the Direct Express® card program, we will make a direct transfer of your federal benefit payment into your card account. Your recurring benefits will be accessible on the day that you are paid—promptly and reliably each time. At any of the hundreds of establishments worldwide that accept the card, you can use it to make purchases, pay bills, or get cash.

Signing up for the card is a breeze and doesn’t take any time at all. To reach the toll-free Direct Express® customer service line, please dial 1-800-333-1795. Additionally, Social Security can assist you with the enrollment process.

Before you may register for direct deposit, you are required to first open a bank account if you do not already possess one. You need to do some comparison shopping in your region to find a subscription plan that meets your needs in terms of both pricing and the features it offers. When you’ve chosen the account that works best for you, tell the person at the bank that you want to sign up for Direct Deposit so that your benefits will be automatically deposited into your account.

My Social Security account creation

1. Log in or register for a SocialSecurity.gov account.

2. Read and agree to the “Terms of Service,” then identify yourself.

3. Create an account, select a method for obtaining your security code, and enter it.

4. Choose email or text under ‘Message Center Preferences’ to get courtesy notifications.

Not currently receiving benefits

Tell the Social Security representative who processes your application for benefits that you wish to sign up for Direct Deposit if you do not currently receive benefits from Social Security or SSI but are going to apply for them in the near future. If you already have a bank account, you should bring either your chequebook or a copy of your most recent bank statement.

My Social Security is just for you.

We at Social Security are committed to safeguarding not only the information and resources that have been entrusted to us, but also the private information and investments of our beneficiaries. Because of safety precautions, you are the only person who may create a personal mySSS account for your own use exclusively. This account is just for you.

Even if they have your consent in writing, no one can use your account or establish one on your behalf. Under no circumstances should you allow anyone else to use your account, as doing so constitutes a misrepresentation of your identity to the federal government and puts you at risk of facing either criminal or civil penalties, or both. If you do share the use of your account with another person, do so at your own risk.

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