Would Superman and Wonder Woman Make Sense in the Battinson Universe?

After seeing Matt Reeves’ Batman, one wonders whether other DC heroes would join this reality. Reeves’ version of Gotham is based in reality, with circumstances that are all but feasible in real life.

The intended “revolution,” social media presence, and siren song of Riddler are frighteningly similar to recent events.

While Batman’s Batmobile isn’t an It’s a mechanical beast with tonnes of power. Reeves’ ideas are both plausible and hyperrealistic. Because of Batman’s global box office success, can this method be used for other properties?

Is it possible that Reeves could introduce the characters of Superman and Wonder Woman to this world?

The Superman in the Room

The Superman in the Room

The Superman origin myth has been told many times by now. We all know Krypton and Smallville from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and the CW’s Superman and Lois. Snyder probably did it best in Man of Steel. His stories have a sense of grandeur and realism. Yes, there were some fantastical elements (i.e., the entire leveling of Metropolis during that iconic Zod vs. Superman scene). But overall, the storyline was credible. Snyder, like Reeves, has a specific directing approach that suits DC characters.

Both Man of Steel and The Batman have a harsh photography style reminiscent of Marvel movies, but they are vastly different. How could Reeves handle the famous character (and should he?) in light of Snyder’s somewhat realistic portrayal of Superman.

Would Superman and Wonder Woman Make Sense in the Battinson Universe

Everything in The Batman is based on certain Batman comic book series. So it’s pretty true to the source material, which may be one of the reasons the movie has followers. Similarly, Reeves would have to follow the existing mythos with Superman. Superman is an alien from the cosmos. Retelling this scenario would be inauthentic and, simply, not mesh with Reeves’ established lore. By introducing aliens into Gotham’s dark and grimy environment, he risks disrupting the mood and universe he has painstakingly built. Superman and other extraterrestrial forces would upend and dilute this cinematic vision of crooked district attorneys, realistic Batch, and grounded villains.

Greek Mythology

Would Superman and Wonder Woman Make Sense in the Battinson Universe

What about introducing Wonder Woman to the Battinson universe now that Superman has been exposed? Her talents, like Superman’s, are magical and incredible. This is only a fraction of Wonder Woman’s enemies. As a result, if an Amazonian story is to be true to its origins, it must incorporate elements of Greek mythology. It’s conceivable to modernize Greek mythology, but Wonder Woman did so in 2017.

Patty Jenkins (and hence Snyder) created a film that was more realistic and gritty than Wonder Woman 1984, which perhaps underperformed because of its cartoony messaging and tone. Simply said, this character does not belong in Matt Reeves’ reality. Wonder Woman’s powers and origin story are too fictional to work in Reeves’ version of Batman.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU was the closest to a comics-accurate depiction of these heroes that we could get. Gritty and tragic, his portrayals of these superheroes had an almost divine quality. If he had followed through with his plan, spectators would have had a seamless transition between his Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman characters.

Matt Reeves has done an outstanding job creating a realistic Gotham and the truest Batman yet seen on screen. Warner Bros. would be making a huge error not expanding this restricted universe, and the announced HBO Max programs seem to be the appropriate direction. That said, Reeves should be able to expand this universe but keep it Batman-centric. He can use a variety of scenarios to develop his mythos and include beloved Batman characters. No need to introduce or cram in superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman for fan service. Reeves should focus on writing hyperrealistic, gritty stories within the Battinson universe.

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