What is your definition of fashion?

The word “fashion” is pronounced as “facing,” which is short for fashion. It derives from Middle English in the sense of “make, shape, appearance,” as well as “a specific make or style,” which was derived from the Old French falcon, which was derived from the Latin faction(n-), which was derived from the Latin facer “do, make.”

The majority of people equate fashion exclusively with current trends and dressing up. Fashion is more complicated than that. Noun fashion is described as “a fashionable trend, notably in styles of dress and decoration or manners of behavior.” It is also defined as a verb:

The development and commercialization of new fashion and cosmetics designs, particularly in the apparel and cosmetics industries,

“A method of carrying out a task.”

A trend can be started by anyone at any time. It is not always about what you wear, but more about how you speak and behave while wearing it. It has long been said that “it is not what you wear, but how you wear it” that is important.

Fashion can also be described as a verb, as in “transform into a specific or necessary form.” “Anything and everything can be used to create a fashion statement by combining different materials.” Papers, shells, cans, and feathers, to mention a few materials, can be used to create a magnificent ensemble.

definition of fashion

This just goes to demonstrate that there are no boundaries to fashion. However, for the majority of people, it is a means of displaying or concealing something about oneself through the use of dress, accessories, and hair. When it comes to fashion, you may use it to express yourself and act as an extension of your personality. Alternatively, you can use fashion to conceal your true identity: a conservative dressed in vamp attire, a vamp dressed in conservative clothing.

Clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, cosmetics, and even your cell phone can be used to make a statement about your fashion sense.

We all have our own concept of fashion, our own way of looking at fashion, our own ideas about what constitutes fashion, and our own fashion trend setters. As I normally do, I conducted a little research and spoke with a few folks from various nations and walks of life to get a sense of their perspectives on fashion.

Sista Neij, Radio Presenter

Hmmm… Okay, let’s have a look. Because I believe that everyone has their own interests and fashion preferences, my definition of fashion is being comfortable in what you are wearing and being creative in your own way.

fashion 1

Cristal Bermea, Stylist

Okay, so I gave it some consideration. Fashion, in my opinion, is a revolutionary medium. Through expression, you have the capacity to influence societal norms and contribute to the development of our society’s acceptability.

Because of this, I believe it to be revolutionary.


Haddy Faye, CEO Absolute Glam

What it is and who makes the decisions on what is “in” Fashion is clothing and a sense of style that you and other people may have, or that you and other people perceive to be cool or “in.”

From decade to decade, from century to century, there is a distinct sense of style. Each era of fashion might see changes that are either minor or significant.

fashion 3

Taniyah G. Model/Artist

Putting on a fashionable outfit requires a combination of your own unique style as well as accessories and clothing. These pieces are assembled in order to form a unique design, and this is the process by which it is accomplished. By applying the right amount of pressure, a blank canvas can be transformed into a fantastic artwork. You require the expertise of an anesthetic thinker, and something of this nature must be organic. Everyone, whether they’re in the business of designing clothes or photographing people, needs to have a vision. If all of these people had the same vision, everything would have come together wonderfully. fashion.


Marisa C. Student/Model

Fashion is a means of expressing oneself. Individuals can express themselves through their physical appearance, which is why so many different “styles” of fashion have arisen, including edgy, punk, and rock, as well as classic and elegant looks (among other things). The way in which a person dresses can disclose a great deal about their personality, because fashion, in my opinion, is a reflection of one’s individuality and appearance.


Abliesaadiq Puloh Socialist

Assuming my definition of fashion is self-assurance, fashion can be your best friend because it keeps one’s mind on business at all times and can distract you from a variety of other things.

Despite the fact that it is dependent on one’s budget, doing what one’s credit card allows will help to avoid complications in the long run. According to an old proverb, you can have all the money and luxuries you want, but money and luxuries will never be able to buy you a sense of style. Fashion, in my opinion, simply motivates you and plays an important role in your self-esteem! As a guy, I enjoy fashion because I believe it enhances my overall personality.


Filippa Person Make-up Artist Intern & Model in Sweden

Fashion is the order of the day. Human emotions that have deviated from the norm because of our own point of view on life. We make decisions about where to go and how to look based on how we feel. Society always defines what is appropriate for those who follow its rules, but every now and then, there are trailblazers who contribute to the engine that is fashion. People dress in ways that are comfortable, that are appreciated, that are feared, and that are misunderstood. It is, without a doubt, the most powerful silent scream, screaming at the world to “LOOK AT WHO I AM.” to learn about myself and to recognize that I am a unique individual.

fashionIda Cham Fashion Retailer

Fashion means a great deal, but to keep it brief: Fashion, in my opinion, is about developing your own style. It’s important to understand your body type and dress in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable. Personally, I don’t dress in accordance with the latest fashion since it isn’t always my style, and I don’t dress in accordance with what everyone else is wearing because I like to stand out. The simplicity of things appeals to me! We must admit that there are some fashions that we will never, ever, ever wear, and I mean never, ever. Creating your own style allows you to stand out and appear different from the rest. Everything is not designed for everyone…. Not only does it not require you to purchase expensive clothes, shoes, and bags in order to look your best, but it also gives you the ability to create an attractive appearance even with items purchased for as little as £1 or $1… Look Good…. “WEAR IT RIGHT. BE A TRENDSETTER,” I advise.


Derek Soto Photographer

Fashion is a representation of the human psyche in its various manifestations. As a result, a fluid depiction of previous generations is created. The goal of revolt, conformity, and individualism is far more expansive than most people realise. The individual’s intellect, on the other hand, is far more sophisticated than the sociological norm in many ways. The “man” or “woman” who represents themselves is the one who establishes the trend in his or her own personal life. Even though the clothes are manufactured, it is the person who wears them that brings out the essence of who they are. The cultural aesthetics of the present time and what we stand for are shared by all of us. It is the environment from which humans originate that shapes them as they grow and develop. Adaptation, progress, and advancement are the latest fashion trends in the world. It’s the United States. Fashion is, by far, the most dynamic and evolving force in influencing the lives of people who want to maintain their social continuity while also expressing their individuality.


Baba K. Leigh Business Student

I’m not sure what to say about it. To me, it might be anything that is brought to attention at a given point in time.




Aminah Jagne Financial Adviser 

Fashion, in my opinion, is a kind of pure artistic expression… To me, fashion is defined by the ability to transform rags into vintage. First impressions are always essential, and your appearance tells people a lot about who you are. If you are able to show people who you are through the clothes that characterize you, you are artistic. That’s how fashion works. All of the latest fashion trends are not for everyone. One should always feel comfortable in the clothes they wear because it defines them in a certain manner.


Anna Kei Russian Model

Have you ever had the opportunity to view the night sky? Hundreds of thousands of planets and stars? Everything appears to be so small and insignificant in comparison to it… Fashion is a good example of this. It’s enormous and mysterious, and it just serves to remind you that it’s something for which you must strive to live, to progress, and to become a better person. It just serves to make you better and more resilient.


Fashion, in my opinion, is whatever you want to make of it. You can dress in rags and be the most noticeable person in the crowd, or you can dress in the most costly apparel and no one gives a rat’s rear end about it. We, as people, have the power to determine who determines the fashion trends. It is our freedom and authority to allow others to tell us what looks good, what doesn’t, and what should be included in our lives.

I have to admit that I have been asked on multiple occasions who my favourite designer is or who I follow for fashion inspiration, and the answer is… It always throws me for a loop. Why? Everything I own, even my luxury clothes and shoes, came from thrift stores. I figuratively create my own fashion trends. European and African styles are mixed and blended, as are 50s and contemporary styles, vintage and African styles, the old and the new, and more often than not, the thinkable and the inconceivable.

A large number of people in our generation today have ceased thinking for themselves and instead rely on others to make decisions for them. We have reached a point in history where people use fashion to express not who they are, but who they desire to be.

That being said, I describe fashion as whatever makes you feel good about yourself.