WATCH: Man catches giant king cobra with bare hands

The country of Thailand is the subject of a terrifying film that has been circulating online, in which a volunteer can be seen grabbing a massive king cobra with his bare hands. Locals were alerted to the presence of the gigantic snake after it slithered through a palm plantation and attempted to hide in a sewage treatment plant.

It was stated by India Today that the incident took place in the southern Thai province of Krabi.

According to the storey, the gigantic snake measured 4.5 metres in length and weighted ten kilogrammes in weight.

For the 40-year-old volunteer, it took only 20 minutes to catch the lengthy snake and place it safely in a bag.

At one point, the colossal cobra lunged towards Sutee’s direction. Despite this, the worker was able to seize the lizard by the neck despite the fact that he was not wearing protective gear.