The Worst Person in the World” (2021): Coming to terms with Yourself


The Worst Person in the World is a current Norwegian dramedy.

It follows Julie (Renate Rinse), a young woman who navigates the turbulent waters of her love life and strives to find her career path, forcing her to face her true self.

The Opinion of John Smistad

The last time I had been to a movie theatre, it had been more than a year. C-19, thank you once again for your help and support.

As a result, The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, Washington, was ecstatic this past weekend when it happened. When I finally made it back to the cinema, I once again sat on my familiar cushioned push-down seat in anticipation of watching “The Worst Person in the World,” a highly acclaimed and Oscar-nominated Norwegian film. On the one hand, the silver screen has maintained its lustrous sheen. Moreover, the film projected upon it during this milestone afternoon was definitely worth the admission fee (and the mega-missed micro-brews and popcorn, to boot).

This film is a work of art. This will go down in history as an instant classic. To which all other romantic comedies will be compared in the future

Yes. That’s how good it is.

Reinsve stumbles as Julie, a young lady attempting to find her place in the world as she tries to figure out who she is and not what the rest of the world expects her to be.. We are astonished as she undergoes a spiritual as well as physical transformation before our very eyes. Julie is a young woman on the verge of her 30th birthday when we first meet her. She has an emotional roller coaster ride over the next four years, which includes a visage that reflects a world-weary spirit. Now she’s an adult, capable of expressing her thoughts, feelings, and repressed rage that she couldn’t do in her former incarnation. It’s a remarkable change that’s simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking, and uplifting.

the worst-person

Sharing a smoke, Norwegian style

We see a still life coffee shop meeting, a wild, woolly and grotesquely animated ‘shroom excursion, and an oddly romantic interaction in which two people experiment with “cheating” on their partners to the point of promiscuity (see below). Trier’s bizarre cum resonant world is huge, and Trier doesn’t present any definitive, possibly trite conclusions.

The Worst Person in the World” (2021) Coming to terms with Yourself

That’s OK.

In “The Worst Person in the World,” a heated TV interview scene explodes into a boisterous revelation of art. Not generally clear-cut, recognized, or socially acceptable. Rather, creating is designed to challenge, to push us out of our comfort zones. Moreover, to make us pause, ponder, and…think.

You must decide for yourself what these last minutes of “The Worst Person in the World” mean. I wanted to express myself here. For those who have yet to witness this marvelously mesmerizing and incredibly brilliant store of one human being’s search for meaning, enlightenment, and fulfilment.

The Worst Person in the World”

So here’s my final request:

Call it what you will.

Never, ever allow anyone else to define who you are or what you stand for.

If you do this, you’re ignoring and consciously rejecting what makes you unique. Remarkable. Wonderful.

Denial of one’s true self is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.

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