The Laundromat Review

When an idyllic vacation turns tragic, Ellen Martin (Academy Award winner Meryl Streep) investigates a fake insurance policy, she falls down a rabbit hole of questionable dealings linked to a Panama City law firm and its vested interest in helping the world’s wealthiest citizens amass even more fortunes. Shell companies and offshore accounts help the wealthy and powerful prosper.

As Ellen’s predicament suggests, the super-wealthy indulge in illegal activities in order to support the crooked financial system of the world. The 2016 publication of the Panama Papers, in which journalists revealed the secret, leaked documents of Mossack Fonseca’s high-profile clients, took a circuitous route through China, Mexico, Africa (via Los Angeles) and the Caribbean.

This is a positive thing.

the laundromat review

For The Laundromat, the casting is spot-on. With Meryl Streep’s performance, the audience is taken aback and impressed. Even if it sounds like an obvious ripoff of a Meryl Streep movie, it is real. I won’t reveal any more than that about Meryl Streep’s dual role in this picture. Other notable actors include Gary Oldman, Jeffrey Wright, Nonso Anozie, and Antonio Banderas. Characters are able to communicate directly to viewers because of the Laundromat’s design. Through their narration, Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman convey a wealth of information. Explain how shell corporations enable for tax evasion at these moments.

I enjoyed The Laundromat’s cinematography. The Laundromat had a few of my favourite lengthy 1-take pictures. Beautiful places and scenery. They did a great job convincing me we were seeing new places.

The Not-So-Good

the laundromat review

The Laundromat seeks to tell a tale and teach a lesson by incorporating a number of different narratives. This occurs when Jeffrey Wright’s character appears in the second act. Despite Jeffrey Wright’s excellent performance and realistic Caribbean accent, the picture ultimately falls short. The Laundromat is being requested because of the interest in learning how shell firms take advantage of tax loopholes. Is this explanation conflicting with the narrative that supports this explanation?.


The Laundromat’s contradictory agendas make the storey difficult to follow. I realise there are several explanations for various loopholes, but they don’t add up. Our narrators in The Laundromat help connect these components of film. I wish we had more of these with Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas to fill in the gaps.

The Laundromat’s conclusion disappointed me. Many plots are introduced in the film, however they are quickly abandoned. However, there are a few standout performances and plotlines, but they are quickly forgotten.


Not everyone will appreciate the image of the Laundromat. Since it covers complicated financial topics, the Laundromat offers educational value. The Laundromat contains certain similarities with The Big Short, although it lacks the film’s cohesion.


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