The Flash Movie Villain LEAKED

FINALLY!  Flash Movie  villain has been revealed, and it comes from one of my favorite sources of spoilers: staff merchandise from the film.

Crew gear is the clothing worn by the film crew. They usually get amazing merchandise like hats, shirts, and coats. The fresh information comes via a production team T-shirt with character silhouettes. We get to see Supergerm, Batman, and the film’s villain, Reverse Flash.

If you’ve read the Flashpoint comic or seen the animated picture, the Reverse Flash isn’t a surprise . It will be some time before we see any official promotion for The Flash movie, which is presently in post-production, but this one feels significant nonetheless.

The Flash Movie Villain LEAKED

The Reverse Flash is a future villain who goes back in time to fight the Flash. The Reverse Flash is one of the Flash’s most infamous villains, notorious for killing Barry’s mother when he was a toddler. Flashpoint tells the narrative of how Barry travels back in time to prevent his mother’s death as a child, changing history forever.

What do you think about this revelation? Do you anticipate the opposite flash?

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