The Batman Review: A Fresh Take on The Dark Knight And I’m Here For It

During the last two years, The Batman (Robert Pattinson) has kept Bruce Wayne in the shadows of Gotham City.

where his very presence is enough to scare criminals. He has positioned himself as a single figurehead.

for justice among his fellow inhabitants in the corrupt metropolis’s unscrupulous political and business circles. with a handful of dedicated allies to back him up.

Among the criminals Batman faces are Selina Kyle/Charwoman (Zoe Kraits). Oswald Cobblepot/the Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). and Edward Nashton/the Riddler (Paul Dana).

The Batman Review

The Good:

Robert Pattinson is fantastic as Batman. He portrayed Batman’s strengths and weaknesses well. I liked how Pattinson didn’t hide Bruce Wayne’s childhood trauma. During these scenes, Pattinson reminds us how damaged Bruce Wayne is on the inside.

The supporting cast also did well. Most of the performances were origin stories for Batman’s rogue gallery, so character exploration wasn’t possible. Zoe Kravit made a great Catwoman debut. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my work. So glad Zo had her own catwoman!

The BatmanReview A Fresh Take on The Dark Knight And I’m Here For It

Intriguing Riddler by Paul Dano He reminded me of the killer in Saw and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. We’ve all seen this incel type of character before, but Dano managed to create an original Riddler. Colin Farrell’s performance as Penguin was maybe the best in The Batman. He totally dissolved into the role, and I don’t simply mean the makeup. His voice and mannerisms were unidentifiable, and you forgot Farrell was portraying the role.

Gotham takes on a life of its own right from the start of the film. You can’t help but think it’s a real place, rife with corruption. With the way the city is depicted, a man in a Bat suit is easily realistic.

This Batman was a new take on the character. Notably, his version is only 2 years old. The fact that he had so much expertise in the field of policing was fascinating. Pattinson’s Batman was great at using terror as a weapon. The use of shadows echoed the fear of the villains of Gotham.

Batman’s violent fury outbursts were the most amusing. He would beat people up without stopping. I also admired his technology. Many of the gadgets come from comic books and even animated series. Also enjoy this Batman’s complex connection with the cops. It was interesting to watch Batman’s interaction with the rest of the Gotham PD.

The Batman has many technological features that work nicely for the film. The plot is one of the best parts. The mystery is what keeps you trapped in. Director Matt Reeves crafted a complex plot with many twists and turns. I loved how the film’s puzzles and riddles weren’t too easy to solve. It also helps you connect with Batman because you’re solving the mystery with him.

I also have to commend Matt Reeves for hitting the topics in this film. One of the key themes is vengeance, which was cleverly presented throughout the film. It’s more than simply a snappy phrase for Batman to use before beating up a criminal. It was a motif that connected practically all of the characters in some way.

Finally, I must praise The Batman’s stunning cinematography. This boosted numerous sequences in the film. The automobile chase scenes are among of the greatest I’ve seen in a long time. To spotlight a figure while keeping the action moving in the background, Matt Reeves used over-the-shoulder reversal shots. For example, in the Penguin-Batman scene.

The Batman Review: A Fresh Take on The Dark Knight And I’m Here For It

The Bad:

Batman and Cat woman’s romance felt hurried. It’s logical that they’d feel a connection, but it felt rushed. The film’s sequence of events didn’t adequately justify their attraction. To put it another way, I think the two characters could’ve used more shared experiences to strengthen their bond.

The Batman had a little issue with a controversial scene. In one scene, a classic Batman gadget is shown. The correct music and sound effects are used to heighten the tension in the room. Then, for whatever reason, it’s wrecked. But imagine if Cap dropped and re-acquired Thor’s Hammer in Avengers 4.

The Verdict:

One of the most accurate portrayals of the caped crusader yet, The Batman is an exciting, cerebral drama. Matt Reeves blended action, intrigue, and character development to keep audiences captivated from start to finish. This is a psychological thriller similar to Se7en, but with Batman. It’s 3 hours lengthy (and you feel it), but it’s perfectly paced.

If you liked graphic novels or animated flicks like The Long Halloween or The Killing Joke, then The Batman is for you. This isn’t your JL Batman. You’ll be disappointed if you go in expecting that. The action is secondary to Batman in this picture. Also, the tone and subject matter may not be suitable for young viewers.

Overall, I prefer this Batman because he allows me to grow with him. This film also paves the way for future Batman films to have fantastic plots. The nicest part is that it’s all in its own realm. No need to compare it to other Batman films because this one isn’t aiming to outdo them. It was just attempting to stand on its own two feet, which it did. I strongly urge you to see The Batman in theatres as soon as possible.

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