The Adam Project Review: A Passable Sci-Fi Adventure

A pilot from the future meets his younger self. The Adam Project is a decent science fiction adventure with good visual effects. Star Walker Scobell, a young actor, joins Ryan Reynolds’ sardonic delivery.

Their witty banter and action moments make up for a disorganized writing. Time travel has logical flaws big enough for a truck.

In 2050, Adam Reed (Reynolds) steals a high-tech jet capable of creating quantum wormholes. The robbery pushed his goal date back. Adam (Scobell) is a pint-sized smartass who is often tormented in 2022.

Ellie (Jennifer Garner), his irritated mother, encourages him to be more careful with what he says. Rather than listening, he responds by pouncing on her words with a sarcastic tone. Louis (Mark Ruffalo) was killed in an accident while Adam’s mother and father were young.

The Adam Project Review A Passable Sci-Fi Adventure

Adam, a young boy, hears a disturbance in the woods behind his home. In the shed, he finds a bleeding future Adam, which prompts him to return to his father’s workshop. Discovering his older self as attractive, muscular, and well-equipped with cutting-edge technology has left him stunned.

Whenever possible, Adam in the future does his utmost to keep his mission’s specifics under wraps. He had set his sights on 2018 Before making another jump, Adam’s future self must recover and restore the jet. When future industrialist Maya Soriano (Catherine Keener) and her armored goons locate them, they’re running out of time to do anything about it.

What Works In The Adam Project

Begin with what works. He’s as cute as a slapped runt. Punks continually beat the poor kid. It’s a dream come true for him to grow. A similar reason, Ryan Reynolds receives equal chuckles. He hated his childhood flaw. Bullying was simply one of several issues. Poor treatment of his mother by future Adam. And resents his father for prioritizing his career. There’s a lot going on in this subplot The ensemble cast is both funny and poignant.

Future Adam has a good motive for his quantum adventures, but the script misuses the technology. Chronological whack-a-mole characters. They mysteriously meet at Young Adam’s. The bad guys may practically go back in time to stop Adam. The 2022 setting is a set-up for a thrashing. The unanticipated scheduling changes can be debated all day. But The Adam Project doesn’t want you to.

The Adam Project Review A Passable Sci-Fi Adventu

The action is heavily influenced by sci-fi movies. Future Adam fights with a baton that extends like a lightsaber. The IP suits must have cleared its use. The aerial dogfights reminded me of Independence Day jet chases. The antagonist’s subordinates wear invisible cloaking equipment. They assault like Jem’Hadar in Deep Space Nine. It’s all very nice but not unique.

It’s easy to find flaws in the Adam Project. Despite the fact that the film does not hold up under close examination, the appealing ensemble cast makes up for this flaw. Walker Scobell can compete with some of the best comic actors in the business. All those sci-fi aficionados out there, I’m going to tell you the truth. Any type of epic lightsaber combat is well worth watching.

The Adam Project is a joint effort between 21 Laps Entertainment and Skydance Media. On March 11th, it will be exclusively available for streaming around the world on Netflix.

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