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Suzanne Pleshette is an American actress. Her birthday is December 31st, 1937. She became famous as a voice actress. Suzanne attended HSPA in Manhattan.

She then spent a semester at Syracuse University before transferring to Finch College. Her parents were theatre managers and artists. Suzanne became famous after appearing on The Bob Newhart Show in 1972. Physique: slim, young.

The good life. Her X-ray revealed a sand-sized lung malignancy. She had chemo and was in the hospital when she got a lung infection.

Her eight-month marriage to Troy Donahue terminated in 1964. Suzanne then married Texas Oilman Tom Gallagher, with whom she had a miscarriage.

Pleshette third marriage was to co-star Tom Poston, who died of respiratory failure in Los Angeles in 2007. The outstanding actress died of lung cancer on January 19, 2008.

Suzanne Pleshette Body Measurements

Suzanne Pleshette

  •   Weight: 62 kg
  •  height : 5 feet, 4 inches
  • I’m talking about Suzanne Pleshette. a 7-inch shoe
  •  Bra size: 34C
  • Suzanne : These are my body measurements: 37.26.38

 Body Measurements.

  • Born  :         January 31, 1937 Brooklyn Heights, New York, U.S.
  • Died:            January 19, 2008 (aged 70 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Resting:      Hillside Memorial Park
  • Active Years: 1958- 2004
  • Dress size:  8
  • Cup size:     C
  • Natural breasts or implants: Natural
  • Citizenship: American
  • Mother: Geraldine Kaplan
  • Father: Eugene Pleshette
  • HighSchool: High School of Performing Arts, NY
  • Occupation(s): Actress
  • College(s): Syracuse University

Suzanne Pleshette

Early life

Geraldine (née Kaplan) and Eugene Pleshette raised Pleshette in Brooklyn Heights. They were Russian and Austrian-Hungarian Jews. Geraldine Rivers was a famous dancer and artist. The Paramount Theater in NYC and Brooklyn was her father’s stage manager, then network executive. She attended Syracuse University for one semester before transferring to Finch College. The famed Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in Manhattan, where she studied with renowned acting teacher Sanford Meisner.

Acting career

Sultry and sarcastic, the Boston Globe said. At 20, she began her theatre career. It was based on the Leopold and Loeb case.

Next year she debuted in the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, in S. N. Behrman’s The Cold Wind and the Warm. On screen with Constance Ford and Tom Poston in 1959’s Golden Fleecing, (Poston would be her third husband.)

Debut as Louise/Gypsy in the original Gypsy play, she was one of two finalists in 2007. She spent the mornings with Jerome Robbins, learning striptease for her role in Gypsy. A quote from the play’s author Arthur Laurents autobiography: “It was Suzanne Pleshette vs Sandra Church. Sandra sang better than Suzanne as an actress. We choose Sandra.”

In The Miracle Worker, starring Patty Duke as Helen Keller, she took over from Anne Bancroft as Anne Sullivan Macy.

Personal life

Pleshette’s eight-month marriage to A Distant Trumpet and Rome Adventure co-star Troy Donahue ended in divorce.

Her second husband, oilman Tom Gallagher, died of lung cancer on January 21, 2000. She miscarried while married to Gallagher, and they had no children. In an interview in October 2000, Pleshette said of kids: “I wished I had Tommy’s kids. My maternal instincts are met in different ways. Everyone knows I’m the mother on every scene. So if this is my karma, fantastic.”
Pleshette married actor Tom Poston in 2001. Poston was a cast member and recurring guest star on The Bob Newhart Show in the 1970s. Poston and Pleshette met on the stage in 1959’s Golden Fleecing, a musical comedy.  They married others but stayed friends for 40 years. The deaths of their husbands brought Poston and Pleshette back together, and they married in 2001. He died of respiratory failure on April 30, 2007 in Los Angeles. She died the next year, and they are buried together.

Suzanne Pleshette was John Pleshette’s cousin.

Illness and Death

Pleshette was diagnosed with lung cancer on August 11, 2006. Three days later, New York Newsday reported that Dean claimed Pleshette was “in good spirits” and receiving outpatient chemotherapy.” [required]

She was later hospitalised for a lung infection and developed pneumonia, requiring a lengthy stay. In September 2007, she came in a wheelchair for a Bob Newhart Show cast reunion, raising questions about her health despite her denials. (She sat in a regular chair during the show.) The cancer therapy took a piece of Pleshette’s lung, she told USA Today four days before the reunion.

Pleshette, 70, died peacefully in her Los Angeles home on January 19, 2008.

Her third husband, Tom Poston, is buried with her in Culver City’s Hillside Memorial Park. It was placed in front of Frederick’s of Hollywood on January 31, 2008. In addition to Bob Newhart, Arte Johnson, and Marcia Wallace spoke at the star’s unveiling. Tina Sinatra accepted Pleshette’s star.

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