Stephen Bishop Biography, Weight, Height, Age, Facts, More

In addition to his acting and athletic prowess, Stephen Bishop is a well-known American television personality.

When he was younger, he became interested in basketball, but he only stuck with it for seven years before deciding to pursue a career in acting.

As a result of his impressive acting abilities, Stephen has achieved an impressive level of fame in the entertainment sector. He made his television debut on the network show “Imposters” as Patrick, sketching the character’s personality.

The Rundown and Moneyball are just some of his other big-budget productions. Being Mary Jane’s David Paulk has made him famous over the world, however.

Stephen Bishop Biography

Stephen Bishop’s personal data

  • Full Name:                     Stephen Bishop
  • Nickname:                     Bishop
  • Age:                                  51 Years old
  • Date of Birth:               September 15, 1970
  • Brith Date:                    Chicago, United States of America
  • Weight:                           6 feet 2 inches
  • Height:                            Unknown
  • Ethnicity:                        Multiracial
  • Occupation:                   Player, Basketball Actor
  • Spouse:                            Desiree Dizon
  • Parents:                           Unknown
  • Children:                         Charli Kekuʻulani
  • live in:                               Chicago, United States of America
  • Nationally:                      American
  • Known for:                     Acting as Patrick on the Imposters television series
  • Education:                      Enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • Religious:                        Christian
  • Net worth:                       3 Million

Stephen Bishop Biography

Stephen Bishop Facts

  1. Stephen retired from basketball after a successful career in the entertainment world.
  2. He will turn 50 on September 14, 2021.
  3. Stephen attended a prestigious college world series school, where he
  4. the top football and basketball player.
  5. Despite his passion for athletics, he has no established reputation in basketball.
  6. Stephen has a long-standing friendship with the wonderful actress Jesirre Dison.
  7. He made a fortune by following his passion, but he still lives modestly.
  8. Stephen and Jesirre have a one-year-old daughter.
  9. His involvement in basketball and the media industry has boosted his net worth to $3 million.
  10. Stephen sold the popular shoe brand Yeezy Sneakers for a profit.

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