Star Trek cast surprised by Star Trek 4

Paramount Pictures just announced that a new Star Trek film would be coming out. Recently, an investors’ meeting was conducted at Paramount. A new Star Trek movie with the original cast has been announced by producer J.J. Abrams. Investors, bloggers, and even members of the cast were taken aback by the announcement.

Star Trek cast surprised by Star Trek 4

Possibly the first time. A film announcement has never before taken the entire cast by surprise. Casting calls are frequently met with a lot of excitement from actors. That, or they’re playing subtle about their role as a negotiating ploy, which is a more plausible possibility.

This has caught me off guard, and I’m curious as to how it will influence production. In their announcement, Paramount established a number of deadlines for the stars to be signed.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this one.

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