Saucy Santana Net Worth, Biography, career and more

As of 2022, Saucy Santana’s net worth is $400 thousand US. He is one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers, especially on Ticktock. Walk Em Like a Dong by Saucy Santana became a smash on Sound cloud.

He began his career as a makeup artist for the City Girls, a female hip hop duet, before deciding to rap in February 2019, the same year he released his first single. Songs like Material Girl and Here We Go created viral dancing challenges on Ticktock.

Santana also has a huge Instagram fan base and routinely appears on IG Live with City Girls’ Miami. So, let’s speak about Saucy Santana’s net worth, salary, sources of income, profession, biography, lavish lifestyle, and more.

Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana Early Life:

Justin Harris, aka Saucy Santana, was born on October 8, 1993 in Connecticut. At the age of 10, he and his mother, Teresa Harris, moved to a small community approximately an hour outside of Tallahassee, Florida. He hasn’t revealed his early life, father’s name, or educational background.

Santana came out as gay at the age of 17. He was already dressed as a girl and had his nails and makeup done. Also, after moving to Florida, Santana fell in love with hip-hop and gained musical influence from musicians such as Gucci Mane and Britney Spears.

Saucy Santana Early Career:

He started off as a makeup artist and ran a boutique where he sold hair extensions, women’s apparel, and other accessories. Santana was introduced to Miami by his cousin, who was Santana’s best buddy. Sauce became City Girls’ go-to makeup artist.

In February 2019, he and a few buddies realized they needed an opening song for their podcast. In the studio for the first time to record a themed tune, Santana surprised everyone by showing actual talent behind the mic.

Saucy Santana Career Breakthrough:

Saucy Santana released his first single “Walk Em Like a Dog” on Sound Cloud in August 2019. In barely a week, the song had a million plays and he gained widespread notoriety in the music industry. On July 6, 2019, he released his first EP, Dog Walkers. Later, Santana released Irma Celebrity, a 9-track mix tape that made him a celebrity.

The mix tape got him noticed by various musical labels, and he eventually signed with Arena Music Production. On July 29, 2020, he released a commercially successful studio album titled “Pretty Little Gangsta.” Then on December 17th, 2020, he released “It’s a Vibe.”

Santana released three mix tapes in 2020, and several of his tunes enjoyed a revival on Ticktock thanks to dancing challenges to tracks like “Walk” and “Here We Go.” In 2021, Saucy Santana released Keep It Plays, which included the smash tune Sharpish. The song was produced by City Girls, a hip-hop duo.

Saucy Santana has a YouTube channel with the same name that he started on January 3, 2013. On March 10, 2019, he released his debut freestyle, which went viral on YouTube. In September 2019, he released the official music video for “Walk Em Like A Dog.”

The song’s video has nearly 10 million views on YouTube. Material Girl’s music video also has 10 million views on YouTube. Santana worked with Mulatto on the smash track “Up & Down,” which has over 5.7 million views on YouTube.

He then unleashed many smash music videos, including Man eater, Walk, It’s a Vibe (with Lightheartedness and Dream Doll), and more. He was a featured artist on Sihanouk’s Food Stamp Hoe.

Saucy Santana Personal Life:

But Santana almost died before he could explode. In December of 2019, Santana and his companions were attacked by a rapper who was shot in the upper arm. Santana then released a new tune titled You Can’t Kill Me.


Saucy Santana Biography:

Real Name Justin Harris
Nickname Saucy Santana
Age 28 years old
Date Of Birth October 8, 1993
Birth Place Tallahassee, Florida,
United States
Nationality American
Hometown Bridgeport, Connecticut
Height 5 feet 8 inch (172 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 pounds)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Relationship Status N/A
Father Not Known
Mother Teresa Harris



Saucy Santana Net Worth:

Saucy Santana By 2022, net worth is expected to be $400k. He is one of the fastest emerging rappers in the industry. The rapper is just starting out and appears to be destined for greatness. His main sources of income are album sales, live shows, label deals, hit tracks, and collaborations.

He has amassed a sizable fortune and will continue to do so in the coming years. Santana’s YouTube channel, where he uploads music videos, also generates cash. Sauce Santana makes around $85,000 a year.

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