A 37-year-old banjo and guitar player for The East Pointers has died.

Tributes have been paid to The East Pointers’ banjo and guitar player Koady Chaisson. Koady’s cousin Tim and Ontario native Jake Charron founded the critically praised trio in 2014 and have already released three albums: Secret Victory, What We Leave Behind and Yours To Break.

The island of Prince Edward Island, on Canada’s east coast, serves as a source of inspiration for their music. Chaissons have been making music for six generations and their presentations are a riveting blend of Scottish, Irish and Celtic fiddle tunes laced with Acadian flavours and current folk-pop, played with skill and vigour by six generations of music-making Chaissons.

East Point, a small island settlement where Koady worked as a lobster fisherman for 11 years, is the inspiration for the band’s name. After a few years of touring on his own, Jake and Koady met, and “we hooked up with him whenever he was on Prince Edward Island, stayed up playing tunes all night,” Tim, Jake’s cousin, told Song lines in November 2017.

When they toured North America, Australia, and Europe in the years that followed, they brought their euphoric live show to new audiences who were enthralled by their impeccable string playing, vocal harmony, and contagious enthusiasm. They thrived on the energy of the crowd during live performances and returned the favor with energetic and vibrant performances of their own.

It was an honour to work with him since “he wrote and performed from the heart” as the band put it. Koady Chiasson will be deeply missed by East Pointers, who will continue to compose music in his honour.