Obama Returns to the White House

On Tuesday, Joe Biden and Barack Obama praised the Affordable Care Act in front of a crowd of Democratic politicians and health care advocates.

And former President Obama knows that Biden is now the man in charge as the current administration tries to expand on the law adopted 12 years ago.

During Obama’s opening remarks, he thanked Biden and Harris for their service, evoking chuckles from the man who was once Obama’s second-in-command and is now the nation’s president.

In addition to calling Biden “my president,” Obama praised his efforts to broaden Obama’s landmark statute.

Obama had not visited the White House since 2017, when Donald Trump – or “the former man,” as Biden describes him – moved in.

And he advised his successor’s successors to pass on what they could and improve it later after the framework was in place. Understand that individuals are apprehensive of change at first, but may warm up to it after a while. Remember that the White House’s beautiful East Room microphone is live.

“Everyone involved in this knew the ACA wasn’t perfect,” Obama remarked. “We had to make compromises,” he said.

“But it is a very significant issue,” Obama added to laughs and a bent Biden head.

In 2010, Biden clumsily leaned over to Obama and declared Obamacare “a huge f—ing thing.” The mic caught the slang.

On the White House renovations, Obama teased Biden about the new Secret Service aviator spectacles and the Navy mess’s conversion to an ice cream parlor. Amid many lawsuits and over 70 Republican attempts to dismantle the health care bill, Obama claimed it was worth it.

“I understand the frustration with Washington. “Everyone gets irritated by what happens in this town,” Obama stated. “Progress is too slow.” The Affordable Care Act demonstrates your commitment to improving the lives of current and future generations.”

“Barack Obama’s vice president,” Biden said, calling Obamacare the “most momentous” piece of legislation since the 1960s’ Medicare and Medicaid. “We realized we had to keep strengthening this legislation,” he added.

The government revealed Tuesday that it is seeking a rule change to remedy Obamacare’s “family issue.” Obamacare allows anyone without “affordable” health insurance (costing less than 10% of family income) to get a plan.

But the existing guidelines do not factor in the cost of covering other family members. The rule change would apply to the entire family and would not require congressional approval.

According to a senior administration official, the new rule will cut rates for nearly 1 million Americans and cover 200,000 additional uninsureds.

The bill almost cost Obama re-election, he said Tuesday, because Republicans warned of poorer “socialized” medicine. It also contributed to a “shellacking” of Democratic seats in Congress that October.

The law has gained popularity since then. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study conducted in July 2014, 37% approved of the measure while 53% disagreed. Last month, the results were nearly reversed, with 55% of Americans backing the bill and 42% against it.

GOP control of Congress and the White House in 2024 may try to reverse the law. According to Axios, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin should repeal and replace the law.

Dems will have tough challenges in the next midterm elections, with many retiring and others facing strong GOP opposition.

“We’ve got a story,” Obama told a reporter on Tuesday. “We must say.”

The number of uninsured non-elderly Americans fell from 48 million in 2010 to 28 million in 2016. It reached 30 million by 2020. Donald Trump cut funding for “navigators,” people hired to help Americans enroll in coverage, and did minimal marketing during enrollment season.

From November 2021 through mid-January of this year, a record 13.6 million Americans signed up for Obamacare coverage.

“Working families in America will get the help they need to afford full family coverage,” Biden stated Tuesday. Mr. Obama urged additional states to expand Medicaid under the health care bill.

Then he and Obama worked in the room, just like when Obama was president. “Barack, I’ll remind you,” Biden remarked as the crowd cheered. “It’s hot.”