What is NFL Plus: How to Sign Up NFL+

NFL+ is the league’s first foray into streaming. Every game this season will be streamed on NFL+. The NFL Network app is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and more. Here’s an article on activation. Activate it at nfl.com/activate. Let’s examine NFL Plus’s FAQs for clarity.

NFL Plus

What is NFL+

NFL Plus allows subscribers to watch NFL games on the go. NFL+ subscribers receive:

  1. live preseason games (out-of-market).

  2. Live regular and postseason games.

  3. Every home, away, and national game is broadcast live.

  4. on-demand, ad-free NFL library.

NFL+ Premium adds full and condensed game replays to the above features.

NFL+ is US-only.

How do I sign up for NFL+

How to sign up for NFL+ online:

  1. NFL.com/plus.
  2. Click “Register Now.”
  3. Click ‘Sign Up Now’ on the plan you want.
  4. Sign-up form appears.
  5. Email, password, first/last name, country, ZIP code, and DOB are required.
  6. Checkboxes. Click “Create Account.”
  7. Finish registering.

You can also sign up for NFL+ on your phone or smart TV.

What games are available LIVE with NFL+

NFL+ has live audio for every game and lets you watch preseason games that aren’t in your area.


NFL+ lets viewers watch live preseason games not broadcast locally. If a preseason game is on ESPN, CBS, NBC, FOX, or Prime Video, it will be live on NFL+.

season and postseason

Local, primetime regular season and postseason games will be on your phone or tablet. These games include NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football, and ESPN’s Monday Night Football.


season-long game audio.

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