7 Quick Ways To Fix Netflix not working on Roku

Netflix’s subscriber numbers grew in 2022 despite slowing in 2020.

Pandemic protocols have kept people at home without entertainment.

Despite having over 200 million subscribers worldwide, you may have trouble streaming Netflix on your Roku device.

“Server down” or “app reset” are possible causes. Continue reading to learn why Netflix isn’t on Roku.

Netflix not working on Roku

What Causes Netflix to Stop Working on Roku?

Netflix not working on Roku can be caused by a lack of internet bandwidth, server issues, or an outdated Netflix app. These can be:

  1. The Netflix icon does nothing.

  2. Netflix’s logo loading screen freezes.

  3. After opening the Netflix app, nothing happens.

These issues may occur without a warning or error code.

When you try to launch a Netflix video, the screen may freeze on the logo or a blank screen after entering the Netflix home page.

Troubleshoot Netflix not working on Roku

Streaming Netflix on Roku involves two different online services, so there are multiple failure points.

It could be Netflix, Roku, or your internet connection.

Start with simple fixes and work your way up to complex ones. DIY ideas

Netflix Server is Down

Netflix’s servers make bingeing smooth. The server delivers Netflix content. So, running servers is required.

Regular maintenance is scheduled and unscheduled. The former avoids server downtime, while the latter takes hours.

If you have Netflix loading problems, visit Netflix’s help center page for server status and other details (if any).

If there’s server maintenance, a time frame will be shown on the website. So, wait until the timer expires before checking the app again.

Netflix requires an Update

Netflix and Amazon Prime both need updates.

App updates add new features and fix bugs from the previous version.

You can update your Roku if bugs are causing Netflix to stop working.

Netflix on Roku requires a full system update. Update for the Netflix app

  1. From your Roku remote, press the Home button.

  2. Navigate to Settings>System

  3. Select System Update.

  4. Tap on “Check Now” to find out if there are any available updates to Netflix.

Netflix updates automatically. Open Netflix to see if the fix worked.

Uninstall to Reinstall the Netflix Channel App

If neither of the above works, To reinstall Prime, uninstall it first. This update fixes most app issues. So,

  1. Roku remote’s Home button

  2. Right-click to select Netflix.

  3. Press (*) to launch the submenu.

  4. Tap Unsubscribe.

  5. Select Streaming Channels by pressing Home again.

  6. Lookup for Netflix.

  7. Sign into Netflix using the channel app.

Check if the issue is resolved after signing in.

Reboot/Power cycle your Roku Device

Power cycling is the best solution when a streaming app stops working after reinstallation.

This makes your device bug-free.

To reboot,

  1. The home button on the Roku remote.

  2. Setup>System.

  3. Press Restart.

  4. Tap restart to restart the channel.

Launch Netflix on your Roku to see if it worked.

Update the Roku Firmware

Netflix may not work on a Roku with outdated firmware. Updating the firmware updates all your apps.

Firmware updates remove bugs and add features.

Enable auto-update on your Roku device or do it manually using the steps below.

  1. The home button on Roku remote to Settings Menu
  2. System Update > Check Now
  3. 3. Install updates and reboot if necessary.

Review your Netflix Account

If Netflix still doesn’t work after trying the solutions above, your account may be broken.

First, verify your Netflix subscription. Second, verify your login credentials. Three failed login attempts can block your account.

When Netflix servers are down, the app closes. Wait, then open the app.

Contact Netflix Support

If none of the troubleshooting steps work, contact Netflix or Roku.

Informing the concerned services and following their instructions will fix the issue quickly.

Provide the correct information, such as your Roku model. They’ll recommend a solution based on that.

Final Thoughts

Netflix has 182 million subscribers worldwide.

While its revenue increased by up to 27% to $5.76 in recent times, the streaming giant’s share price has exceeded 30% this year, with Europe, the Middle East, and Africa accounting for almost 7 million new subscribers.

2.3 million new subscribers joined the service in the US and Canada, which had lagged in recent quarters.

With a streaming device like Roku, many streaming services can’t compete with Netflix.

We hope this blog helps you fix Roku Netflix errors.

Quick Netflix Troubleshooting Tips on Roku

Roku Netflix troubleshooting tips:

  1. Finally, reset Roku. A factory reset usually removes all the installed streaming services or downloaded content. Settings>System>Advanced Settings>Factory Reset resets the Roku.

  2. Restarting your router or modem usually fixes problems. You can hard reset or soft reset your router/modem depending on the issue. A soft reset requires unplugging and reconnecting your modem or router. A hard reset involves pressing the modem/reset router’s button for 10–15 minutes.

  3. A VPN may cause connectivity issues with your router or Roku. Disabling your VPN may fix Netflix issues.

  4. Roku’s parental controls block age-restricted content. Check that the Netflix account you want to use isn’t blocked. Check your Netflix parental controls.

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