Netflix’s Money Heist season 5 official trailer

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Money Heist has been a global phenomenon since its debut on Netflix in 2017. The second half of season five will run in December, bringing all storylines to a close. Why is the show ending after so much success and praise?

Money Heist was cancelled because of this reason.

Last year, Netflix announced that it has picked up the Spanish crime series for a fifth and final season, following four years of fans witnessing the Dali Mask team pull off the “perfect theft in Spain’s history”.

Showrunner Javier Gomez Santander claims the show’s timeframe was never established.

Like Simeone, La Casa De Appeal plays each game separately. It’s chapter by chapter, sequence by sequence, line by line.

“We never think about how long the show might go on for. According to El Mundo, “If we had known the scale of the situation, we wouldn’t have thought to kill Berlin [Peter Alonso].”

As a result, no one expected the popular show to go more than four seasons, let alone five.

According to Javier, the show was a “disaster” after one season.

Deteriorating watching figures in the country had convinced him that the show would soon stop, so he began searching for new employment opportunities in the meanwhile.

Netflix, on the other hand, paid just $2 for the show and has gone on to become a historical success story.

In just two weeks, “the thing was number one worldwide,” said Andy Harries, the head of Left Bank Pictures.

How does Money Heist End?

As fans were left upset, executive producer Alex Pina gave an in-depth explanation of how they came to their decision.

Authors worked for a year to come up with a plot that would “break up the band” permanently, according to Alex.

“How to rope in Professor X.” he exclaimed. How many characters can you get into a situation before it’s too late?

“The outcome is La Casa de Appeal’s fifth chapter.” Deadline reported that he said, “The war is at its most intense and ferocious level, but it is also the most epic and fascinating season.”

Season four of the Spanish drama, which premiered on Netflix in April 2020, has been a long time coming for fans.

Until December 3, 2021, the final five episodes of season five will be accessible to watch online.

There have been various teasers leading up to the release of season five on Netflix.

The group has been locked in the Bank of Spain for nearly 100 hours. They saved Lisbon, but now they face their worst hour after losing one of their own.”

“Sierra [Najwa Nimri] has captured Professor [Alvaro Morte] and he has no escape plan,” it says.

“Just when it seems like nothing more can go wrong, a much more powerful enemy appears: the army.

“The greatest theft in history is coming to a conclusion, and a robbery will become a war.”

With additional additions to the cast, it appears fans will be in for a treat and won’t be dissatisfied with the finish.

But how does this all tie to the greatest bank robbery in Spanish history?

Money Heist seasons 1–4 are on Netflix. Friday, September 3, 2021, at 8 a.m.

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