Mikey Barone: Here’s Everything You Need to Know 

Everyone has the opportunity to display their talent on social media. One of them is Mikey Barone. He enjoys uploading videos on YouTube and sharing them with his pals. Because of his romance with pop diva Maggie Lindemann, Mikey is also well known. Barone was born in Rhode Island on July 2, 1999. He resides with his stepfather and mother. Let’s find out everything we can about Mikey Barone.

Professional Life

Regarding his siblings, nothing is known. Additionally, details surrounding his education must be made public.
Additionally, Mikey Barone and his pal Bryce Hall have a channel on YouTube called Brikey. Expelled, a film starring Cameron Dallas, had an impact on Mikey. He started making videos on Vine before switching to another platform. He currently has more than 500k followers on Twitter and more than 400k subscribers on YouTube.

Relationship status

Maggie Lindemann, a singer, and Mikey Barone were once romantically involved. Maggie is a pop vocalist as well. Additionally, he shared a picture of Nicole Alexander and said that the two were dating. In addition, he dated Instagram model Taylor Alesia, but their relationship ended.

Net Worth

Mikey generates a big income from many social networking sites. He is thought to have a net worth of $500,000. At the age of just 17, he purchased a mansion. He makes the majority of his money through his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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