Meghan McCain describes intense battle with COVID-19: ‘I am still fearful of the unknown long-term side effects’

Meghan McCain is recounting her “difficult” struggle with COVID-19 in a new book.

Her column for The Daily Mail revealed that she and her husband, Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, had tested positive for COVID earlier this year. The former co-host of The View is the daughter of the late Arizona senator John McCain.

Despite the fact that McCain and Domenech are both properly vaccinated, she claims that they became “very ill.” The trip to the lab was too far for McCain, who was too sick to make it, and she only found out about her positive test result thanks to a fast test that her sister-in-law had dropped off for her.

Even today, a few weeks after testing positive, I am still waking up with the aftereffects of a cold in my throat, becoming easily exhausted, and being unable to taste or smell anything normally. “I have been lighting candles all over the home in the hopes that anything will change,” McCain said in her blog post on her virus encounter. In order not to come across as ungrateful or naive, I am well aware of how much worse things could have been, but COVID was much more difficult than I had anticipated, despite the fact that we are completely vaccinated.”There were no moderate or simple aspects to what I went through, and I am still frightened of the unknown long-term adverse effects that I may encounter.”

Also criticising President Biden was the author of The Bad Republican, who expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of simple access to speedy at-home testing and widely available remedies.

Not long ago, in another essay for The Daily Mail, McCain questioned whether booster doses, mask requirements, and vaccine restrictions were necessary in order to protect children.

The Omicron variation has so far been linked to the death of one individual worldwide, though the number is undoubtedly increasing as time goes on. However, in order for some college students in New York to return to school, they must take a booster — something that was previously exclusively suggested for the elderly and immunocompromised, she wrote in a storey published on December 15, 2021, in the New York Times. So, where does that leave us? “, says the author. A part of the population appears to be quite fine with our children as young as two years old existing in a society where they are educated and socialised only if they wear masks on their faces, and with us receiving booster shots every six months for the rest of our lives. “

Uncertainty surrounds whether McCain and her husband had a third dose of the vaccination, which was recommended because the Omicron version has had a substantial impact on the efficiency of current immunizations, particularly in terms of avoiding illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define “completely immunised” as having received either two doses of the MRNA vaccinations or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

While McCain has been vocal in her opposition to mandates, she has welcomed her first series of immunizations, which will be administered in 2021. During an appearance on The View in March of 2021, she stated, “I’m delighted to receive a vaccine in real time.” Science is something I believe in. I have faith in doctors, and quite frankly, I would allow them to insert an iPod mini between my shoulder blades if it meant I could get drunk at Caesar’s Palace once more. “

Meghan McCain is detailing her “