Lynn Hamilton Net Worth-How Much Does Earn?

Lynn Hamilton Net Worth

Lynn Hamilton’s net worth is $1 million. Yazoo City, Mississippi’s Lynn Hamilton, was born in 1930.

Donna Harris, Sanford, and Son, 1972–1977 1979’s Roots starred Hamilton as cousin Georgia Anderson. She played Verdie Grant Foster on The Waltons from 1973 to 1981. She had recurring roles on 227, Dangerous Women, and The Practice.

Lynn Hamilton has appeared in Shadows, Brother John, The Seven Minutes, Buck and the Preacher, Lady Sings the Blues, Hangup, Leadbelly, The Jesse Owens Story, Legal Eagles, The Vanishing, and more. LaWanda Page is her sister. Hamilton was married for 50 years and had one child.

Lynn Hamilton Net Worth


Who is Lynn Hamilton?

Lynn Hamilton was a Hollywood actress from 1959 to 2009. Lynn played Fred’s fiancée Donna Harris on “Sanford and Son” from 1972 to 1977. Her fans are curious about Lynn’s health since she’s retired.

What is Lynn Hamilton career?

She began in the theater. She began acting as a child. She gained knowledge and experience. Early works were in Chicago community theatres. She then went to Broadway. Her debut was only in America in 1959. Three more Broadway plays followed. During this time, she was also involved with the NYSF.

Was LaWanda Page married?

Page died three times. She married at 14 and had a daughter, Clara before he died at 19. The page never remarried after her third husband died in her thirties.

Who is Lynn Hamilton husband?

Lifestyle. From November 1964 to August 2014, Hamilton married poet and playwright Frank Jenkins.