Kirstie Alley’s: Biography, Weight, Height, Age, Relationships & More

Kristie Alley’s work as an actress has been well received in Hollywood, as seen by the numerous nominations and awards she has received.

On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she has been honored since 1995. She has shown her continuous commitment to performing.

For anyone curious about Kristie Alley’s career, weight, and other physical characteristics, as well as her daily routine and dietary habits, we’ve compiled this handy resource.


Kristie Alley’s Career

Kristie Alley hails from Wichita, Kansas, and graduated from Wichita Southeast High School. In her second year, she dropped out of Kansas State University to focus on Scientology and interior design.

Kristie Alley debuted as an actress in 1978’s Quark. But she didn’t get credit for it. The Hitchhiker, Flesh ‘n’ Blood, Wings, Ink, Dharma & Greg, Without a Trace, Hot in Cleveland, and more have featured her in cameos or recurring parts.

In the series Masquerade, Kristie Alley played Casey Collins from 1983 to 1984. She also starred in Veronica’s Closet from 1997 until 2000. She played Veronica Chase.

Kristie appeared in Fat Actress, Kristie and Scream Queens season two. Besides long-running sitcoms, Kristie has had major roles in miniseries like North and South, The Last Don I, II, and Blonde.

Kristie Alley, like any other actress, worked in movies and TV shows. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was her debut film. Kristie Alley has appeared in numerous films and television shows since her Star Trek II debut.

Blind Date, Summer School, Look Who’s Talking, Madhouse, It Takes Two, For Richer or Poorer, and others are notable Kristie Alley films. Her recent films include You Can’t Take My Daughter and Mickey’s 60th Birthday.

Kristie Alley is a reality TV star. Jennifer Anniston produced and featured in Kristie Alley’s Big Life in 2010.

She was on DOTS seasons 12 and 15. She finished second in season 12 and was eliminated in week 8 of season 15. She was also a runner-up in Celebrity Big Brother 22.

Kristie Alley is an actress and an entrepreneur. She founded Organic Liaison, a weight reduction supplement company. Her current concentration is on her first USDA-approved programmer.


Kristie Alley’s Height and Weight


Kristie Alley


Kristie Alley is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs approximately 69 kg (152 pounds), making her the tallest person in the world. Her body has changed numerous times as a result of her frequent weight fluctuations. And when she finally reached her ideal weight, she looked absolutely lovely.

Kristie Alley adheres to a strict set of principles that enable her to reduce and maintain her weight. First and foremost, she abstains from eating anything after 7:00 p.m. Furthermore, she is free to eat whatever she likes, with the exception of cheese, cookies, and Linguine.

Kristie Alley also uses portion control to ensure that she consumes less calories than she would otherwise. Because she is aware of the calorie content of her favorite dishes, it makes things easier for her.


Kristie Alley’s Dating History

Kristie Alley is a romantic who has been in a few romances.

Kristie Alley first married Bob Alley in 1970. She married Parker Stevenson in 1983 and they had two kids. They split in 1997. She has since dated men but never married any of them.

She and Patrick Swayed, who starred in North and South together, had mutual affections while she was married to Parker Stevenson. Patrick Swayed was married then.

Kristie Alley began dating James Wilder in 1997, after divorcing her second husband Parker Stevenson.

Kristie Alley intended to marry John Travolta. She is no longer attracted to him or any other man. She likes being single.


  • Nickname: Kristie
  • Spouse: Parker Stevenson (m. 1983–1997) and Bob Alley (m. 1970–1977)
  • Occupation: Actress and Businesswoman
  • Religion: Scientology
  • Date of Birth: 12 January 1951
  • Full Born Name: Kristie Louise Alley
  • Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Mother Name: Lillian Mickie Alley
  • Siblings’ Names: Colette Alley and Craig Alley
  • Children:
  • Father Name: Robert Deal
  •  Lillie Price Stevenson and William True Stevenson


Kristie Alley’s Body Measurements

Kristie Alley is 99-74-96.5 cm tall. Her contours are best seen once she has lost weight. She lost weight with the Jenny Craig regimen.

Kristie Alley keeps fit through cycling, yoga, and dancing. She also does something thrice a week.


Kristie Alley’s Ample Bosom

According to her measurements, Kristie Alley has 39-inch busts that fit a bra size 36C with a cup size C. As a result, she seems voluptuous and full-figured.

Many people’s eyes dropped when Kristie revealed her post-weight loss figure on Oprah’s show. The red bikini she wore made her look seductive and glamorous.


Kristie Alley



Height 5 ft 7 inches or 170 cm (1.70 m)
Weight 69 kg or 152 pounds
Breast Size 39 inches
Bra Size 36C
Cup Size C
Body Measurements 39-28-38 in or 99-74-96.5 cm
Figure Curvy
Chest Size 39 inches or
Waist Size 28 inches or
Hips Size 38 inches or
Shoe Size 9 (US) or 40 (EU) or 6.5 (UK)
Dress Size 10 (US) or 42 (EU) or 14 (UK)
Eyes Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Natural breasts or implants Natural


Did Kristie Alley Have Any Plastic Surgeries?

When you look at Kristie Alley’s photographs over the years, you can see that she has undergone major transformations. The actress has been the subject of speculation on the internet, with some wondering if she has undergone plastic surgery.

According to Kristie Alley, she does not use Botox or fillers and has addressed the concerns about her appearance.

Later in 2020, Kristie Alley said that she has decided to get a face lift procedure. However, the doctor passed away just two days before she was scheduled to see him for her appointment. She took it as a message and has avoided having cosmetic surgery ever since.


Kristie Alley’s Net Worth

Kristie Alley has been in the business for more than four decades. She is also the owner of a weight-loss supplement business. In 2022, she is expected to have a net worth of $40 million because to her acting prowess and business acumen.


Kristie Alley’s Most Loved Things

  • Favorite Artists: JSS, Manet, and Rothko
  • Favorite Sport: Justin Bieber
  • Aunt Sadie’s lemonade or lilac scented candles
  • Favorite Meals: Steak & Pasta
  • Favorite Sport: Yoga


Fun Facts About Kristie Alley

Kristie Alley loves to imagine herself slim and married to Justin Bieber.

Kristie Alley sees the dead and is not terrified.

Kristie is mortified when a stranger knocks on her door without Halloween goodies.

Kristie Alley dislikes horror movies, talking on the phone, and people who stand too near to her.

Kristie Alley thinks males under 45 who have never married are perverts.


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