Activate and Enter Code TV:

Visit the official website to activate and enter the 8-digit code. YouTube is available on Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation, Xbox, and other streaming media players.

Smart TVs and other devices display an 8-digit code when you sign in to YouTube. YouTube activation code activate

What are Youtube Kids?

YouTube is today’s go-to video platform. YouTube is the most popular place to upload and watch videos online. It has tutorials, movies, and web series.

While you can watch YouTube on smartphones with video support and an internet connection and on computers with a supported browser and an internet connection, watching YouTube on TV is a luxury. Everyone loves YouTube on smart TVs.

Account setup: activate

  1. Youtube.Com Activate Tv
  2. Tap “Parent”
  3. Click “Submit” with your birth year.
  4. Next, watch the video.
  5. Use
  6. Assent.
  7. Next, enter the mailbox’s password.
  8. Next, configure a profile and content. The child’s name, age, and birth month You and your child can see this information.
  9.  Change the avatar, then click “Next.”
  10. YouTube Kids determines your child’s video category based on age.
  11. Turn on content search. A child can watch any video. If you disable the above function, YouTube Kids experts verify channels.

How to create a Kid’s YouTube account from

  2. Email and password are required.
  3. Retype Username and Password.
  4. Select your country in Location.
  5. Postal code.
  6. Select your gender and birthday.
  7. Type the colored box’s letters and numbers into Word Verification.
  8. Uncheck the next box with a long name. If you have my email, find my YouTube channel.
  9. After reading the legalese, check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  10. Click My Account.