Is Planet Fitness a real gym?

Is Planet Fitness a Real Gym?

Realness is a major topic I’ve preached on over the years. Some serious lifters may berate you for joining PF or any other “fitness center” or “health club”. The truth is A clean gym with weights (bars, dumbbells, and machines) is great. It doesn’t matter if you train at a “hardcore” gym. In reality, many meathead gyms are moldy, disgusting, funky-smelling holes. I, for one, dislike rusted equipment and taped seats. The same goes for a drab gym. You’re good to go if it has the essentials.

Also, remember who pays. Critics can get an opinion if they pay for your gym membership. I adore PF because it has limitless cardio equipment, tones of weights, and an amazingly clean environment.

Of course, not all gyms (PF or otherwise) are excellent for muscle building. So the lifter will have to be inventive. Many gyms forbid deadlifting. It’s loud, it’s dangerous, and it scares the weaker members. No gym allows old-school T-Bar rows (where a dope puts a bar in a corner and wears down the walls). Some gyms will install a steel plate and a similar mechanism, but most will simply expel you if you try it.

Lifters of today can still lift as well as they did in the past, but there are other ways to skin a cat these days. I’ve never been a fan of that expression, but you understand what I’m talking about. Concentrate on the target muscle, see the exercise and range of motion in your thoughts, and then search the facility for appropriate alternatives. It’s possible that you’ll be surprised by the endless choices that await you.