How Hugh Jackman Played Matchmaker For Ryan Reynolds With The Free Guy Director

Over the years, many performers and directors have simply worked together on several productions. Consider Depp and Burton, Murray and Anderson, or DiCaprio and Scorsese.

Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy, who co-wrote and star in the upcoming Netflix feature The Adam Project, are a new dynamic combo. The narrative of how they met is classic Deadpool, involving Reynolds’ arch-nemesis Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman, their shared collaborator, brought them together. Reynolds joked:

[Shawn Levy and I] met on

In a recent interview with CBS News the Proposal star and his friend, with whom he has a friendly rivalry, discussed their shared history in the Marvel universe. Shawn Levy explains it thusly:

Jackman said we’ll never stop if I ever meet Ryan or work with Ryan. From the time we met on Free Guy, it was a go-go.

Hugh Jackman and the director’s Reel Steel was just revived on Netflix. A new Reel Steel series is in the works for Disney+, but it’s unclear if Jackson will return. Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds sound like wonderful collaborators, and Jackman might learn a lot about them just by knowing them individually.

Their first picture together, Free Guy, premiered this summer to positive reviews, and thus far, The Adam Project has done well. Reynolds’ character travels back in time to save the future with his younger self and late father.

While Hugh Jackman isn’t in the sci-fi flick, he did attend the recent premiere. Take a look at Jackson’s Instagram for this trio:

How Hugh Jackman Played Matchmaker For Ryan Reynolds With The Free Guy Director

Shawn Levy, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds? That’s all we need now, right? While a Wolverine/Deadpool team-up movie would be ideal, Hugh Jackman has already put his claws away with Logan. On the other side, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is slated to reprise his role. Maybe Levy can handle the direction, and Jackman could appear in a dream sequence a la Wolverine? 20th Century Studios president recently stated that the firm is “days away” from receiving a script for a Free Guy sequel, which might be his entry point into the industry.

How Hugh Jackman Played Matchmaker For Ryan Reynolds With The Free Guy Director

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds appear to be a good team when it comes to filmmaking, especially when it comes to projects based on original concepts. Netflix subscribers will be able to see The Adam Project on March 11th. It’s one of the year’s most anticipated new releases.

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