How Disney+ Adding Mature Content Will Open New Doors

Disney+ has finally added R-rated content to their platform after nearly two years. They’ve been doing it under the Hotstar and Star categories in overseas markets for a long, but not in America.

In the US, Marvel’s Netflix Original Series Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist will be accessible on Disney+ on March 16. If it works, more explicit titles may be added. With Disney+, the streamer can add more TV shows or movies in the future.

It’s been a delicate balance for Disney+ ever since it was first unveiled as a streaming service. Family-oriented (part of its initial appeal to customers was the claim that there would be no need for parental controls or guidance over what children viewed on it) and die-hard Disney fans looking for all of the studio’s programming in one spot could be more interested in this streaming service. Despite the arrival of the Star Wars and Marvel brands, this platform’s appeal grew.

How Disney+ Adding Mature Content Will Open New Doors

Despite its rapid rise to prominence, Disney’s library didn’t quite measure up to that of its rivals. There wasn’t nearly as much programming for general adult audiences as Netflix or HBO Max. Despite being a top streaming service with niche content, the Disney brand has endured (and even thrived).

Disney+ has had an identity crisis in this aspect up until now, but it appears to be finally broadening its net and treating itself as a streaming service for everyone, including non-fans. Its entire collection is no longer “child-safe,” but the parental controls should relieve any concerns.

Disney’s future under these new “rules” is, of course, an open question. Is it going to start making its own R-rated content? Became a part of Disney’s adult streaming service Hulu. Or will it simply continue to add explicit content to its repertoire for the time being?

As it stands, Disney+ is already a major player in the streaming wars, but this decision will certainly make it even more so.

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