Here is all the information you need about Kinsey Wolanski.

Kinsey Wolanski is an Instagram star, a fashion star, and an actress from the United States. Kinsey became well-known after he streaked during the match between Liverpool and Tottenham in the UEFA Champions League. She eventually surpassed 350k Instagram followers. She lives and works in the California city of Sacramento. Here, we’ll talk about Kinsey Wolanski’s life in detail.

Early Life

Kinsey’s complete name is Kinsey Sur Wolanski. She was born in Russia on August 30, 1996. She has a brother who is younger. When they were teenagers, Instagram stars moved to the United States. After that, she went to the University of Illinois and got her bachelor’s degree. She was always interested in fashion and modeling, and she never gave up on her goals.
Kinsey also began her career when she was only 16 years old. There is no doubt that she is beautiful and has the perfect body shape.


Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was in a relationship with the Instagram star. Vitaly Uncensored is the name of his channel on YouTube. He used to act in adult movies. More than 10,3 people have registered. People know that the couple is one of the craziest online pairs. After two years, this relationship came to an end in 2019. She is now single.

Professional Life

Kinsey Wolanski was noticed by many companies and magazines. She was on the front page of The Boulevard Magazine and in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and FHM. Kinsey, meanwhile, worked with big fashion brands and was in ads for them.

The famous model uses social media a lot. In 2018, the young model walked the red carpet for a charity event called Babes in Toyland Pet Edition. In 2019, she got the chance to show off her acting skills in a movie called “Slasher Party.” Her character, Brittany, was named after her.

She had trouble with her Instagram account after what happened at the football game. She walked around in a black bikini, which made the news. Kinsey had 4 million followers, and this profile was taken down for a long time.
She also used her profile to share short videos about the Bang energy drink. She was always doing funny things and wearing a lot of sportswear and bikini brands.

Net Worth

Reports say that Kinsey Wolanski has a net worth of $500,000. She makes most of her money from Instagram, where she has a lot of followers. She also gets money from the many sponsors who give her money.

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