I’ve come across quite a few films made during the epidemic on my journey through independent cinema. It’s a statement on a business card, made in a film presentation. There are moments when it’s obvious, and other times when you can’t even tell if it exists. I’m referring about films that have been meticulously crafted. One of the films is Help.

First Act has so much mystery and intrigue that you forget the circumstances of its making. What’s the finest part? You get what you expect. Fully. Help is a well-crafted independent thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Only a limited number of outcomes are feasible, so you won’t have to worry about it happening to you.

Help tells Grace’s story. After her ex-boyfriend dumped her, she called a friend in the countryside, Liv, who is now living with her new partner, Edward. Grace heads over to Liv’s to celebrate Edward’s birthday with her friends.

I won’t go into great detail about what follows. But be cautious of the reactions and the awkward expressions. Grace may have erred in her judgement.


Help‘s characters aren’t flawless. It’s difficult to imagine they don’t harbor misgivings about the deeds of their colleagues when they are so inconsistent at times. There is no room for contemplation in Help. If you don’t question some of the decisions made by the characters, you’ll get a better finish from this story. You have to let go of control in certain movies. Permit yourself to be carried from time to time.

Of course, the production’s technological prowess enhances the overall experience. Help relies heavily on the work of the editors and sound designers. When used as a scene resource, they heighten the tension. It’s hard to think of a better example than the scenario in which the two girls are searching for “something.”

As a result, Help‘s timeline is a little disorienting. Don’t let the fact that times don’t add up ruin your pleasure. What happened before or after is not relevant at this moment. It’s clear and tense enough to give you the impression that some friendships aren’t really innocent. Worse, they must be avoided at all costs.


Like most well-executed formulaic thriller  on streaming providers. If you’re looking for a movie with enough surprises to make the third act a work of art, this one is it. When you see Help, you won’t want to talk about it for the next few minutes. Instead, you’ll double- and triple-check to see who’s lying next to you. Perhaps trust will no longer be as easy to come by.. When it comes to opening your heart again, you’ll think twice.

However, I’d like to make a final statement. The fact that Help is a technical triumph is not lost on me. There are just 12 days to shoot the film, and the circumstances are anything than ideal. It’s time to celebrate and talk about this.

Even with a limited amount of training and experience, it’s possible to create one of the most challenging genres in history. So, let’s raise a glass to that!

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