GUEST COLUMN “The Aviator” Movie Review


by Haroon Rasheed

Movies hailed as classics over the years don’t always live up to expectations. While some will remain on the best-of lists for decades, many others will become cult classics over time. The Aviator is one of the newest classics, but does it deserve it?


In The Aviator, aviation is a minor character but is vital to the story of Howard Hughes’ rise and fall. To demonstrate the beautiful heir’s unrestricted future and the multiple plane crashes he survives that may have been stopped by a borescope inspection? If you’re searching for a film about aviation history, seek elsewhere. But in The Aviator, you’ll see how perfectly flying symbolizes the optimism and aspiration of the time.


A story about a genius’s mind, especially as it slips into lunacy, is one of the most captivating types of fiction. A Beautiful Mind is an example of one of these movies, and it’s engrossing as a result of this. This film portrays Howard Hughes as a tormented descendant who exploited his wealth and aviator abilities to achieve fame and fortune. A sense of foreboding pervades the rest of the film because of the opening scene, which shows Hughes in his later years, dethroned and miserable.


Director Martin Scorsese has a reputation for capturing audiences with films like Taxi Driver and The Godfather. In fact, if you were asked to name ten legendary movies, you’d undoubtedly include at least one Scorsese film. Scorsese’s aptitude to work with period settings and create a dazzling atmosphere for his stories made him the ideal director for The Aviator. Scorches probably admired Hughes-like men as a child, only to watch them crumble as their lifestyle and unhealthy ambition caught up with them.

GUEST COLUMN The Aviator Movie Revie



Considering Hughes’ history of wooing prominent females like Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn, The Aviator might represent both. To spice up the picture, Scorsese illustrates how each lady contributed to Hughes’ story. In early Hollywood, only Jean Harlow, who becomes a bra joke near the end as Hughes obsesses over her looks, is a bright and clever pro.


It’s tough to use special effects in a film that depicts both current events and a bygone era. Hughes’ flight scenes are used to enhance rather than distract from the film’s plot. Hughes’ insane attempts to do what he did were wildly successful.

It takes a lot to make people sit through more than two hours of storytelling without wishing they were somewhere else. The film is a must-see even if it doesn’t appear on every ranking of the best films of all time.

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