Modern technology makes films like GEORGE M. COHAN  possible to produce and watch. No matter how small the audience, there’s something to be said about art driven by passion and maintained by the subject matter it depicts.

A visionary who expected too much of himself but yet dominated the American theatre scene, George M. Cohan is widely considered the father of musical comedy in America.

What better way to tell a story about a person than to use his or her own words and work?

Not quite a biography, then. Something a little more adventurous and geared toward the general people that can enjoy it.

Anthology author George M. Cohan One-man show by Jon Peterson, who has taken George M. Create a songbook of Cohan’s songs and stories. The songbook was written by Peterson and Chip Deraa From start to finish, this musical tells the story of Broadway’s most essential member.

It’s important to note, though, that this isn’t a straight-up film adaptation of the play. Editors Peterson and Defra employ editing to enrich the whole experience and show off what they can do with a clever medium. You can’t help but notice the additional step film enables, even if the one-man show look is preserved till the finish. It enhances Cohan George M. Tonight.


This, however is never a ruse. Fortunately, Peterson maintains complete control throughout the film and does an excellent job of depicting Cohan as a mortal guy with a vision. But Cohan isn’t the only one on stage tonight! To understand Cohan’s ultimate work, Peterson turns to the sides and adds Cohan’s fellow actors, who went from dreaming to owning multiple Broadway theatres. Only a natural performance like Peterson’s can allow the character to expand, grow, and develop.

George M. Cohan Tonight misses the mark from time to time amid the hilarity, the dancing, and the tapping. Including tragedy, it tells the full story of how George M. Cohan came to be who he was. Here Peterson surprises the audience by staying faithful to a performer who wasn’t always happy or gay by changing his appearance with minimum expressions.

Natural-born performer Peyton S. Peterson He lacks the skills to do justice to George M. Cohan’s body of work and to portray the legend in the context of a Broadway musical. It’s tough to picture anyone else taking on this challenging act, from singing to dancing, from laughing to crying.

Anthology author George M. Cohan Tonight‘s show isn’t what you’d anticipate from a biography. However, understanding George M. Cohan’s legacy is critical. With a variety of approaches and tools, it is possible to learn. I really like the way this one sounds. It’s exciting and rapid. So, why not learn about history in a new way.