Fresh is Sebastian Stan at his Hungriest

With her frustrations with online dating apps, Noah (Daisy Edgar-Jones) takes a risk and gives Steve (Sebastian Stan) her phone number in the grocery shop film FRESH (Fresh).

The two are instantly charmed and decide to go on a weekend getaway together soon after their first date. Only to discover that her new lover had been concealing some weird food cravings from her.

The Good

The writing is unique and nasty. The movie’s unforgiveness surprises me because FRESH is designed to gross you out as a viewer. The movie has moments dedicated to a love of human flesh. FRESH brings a new concept to keep things… FRESH. The fact that human flesh is packaged and distributed to his subscribers is both disgusting and scary. Human meat can be simply supplied now that everything else can.

FRESH goes quickly and gets to the central plot quickly. We rapidly discover that FRESH is a film about people who devour people. The movie moves at a fast speed while developing Sebastian’s character Steve. Nao says one thing that offends Steve, and the repercussions are terrible. SEVERE. Steve being merciful. While not gory, it is disgusting. There are times when you think this plot will be like other cannibal movies, and you can take solace in the predictability. There is no escape from what Fresh has to show you.

Fresh is Sebastian Stan at his Hungriest

Surprisingly good acting. or was it the premise that got me? In any case, eating humans is perfectly plausible here. It’s great to see Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Noa grow and change throughout the film. It’s fun to watch Noa go from an ordinary single woman looking for love to a fierce fighter and survivor. Steve is a monster who dances while he cooks. In spite of his boyish charm and placid appearance, he is a bully who lacks Sebastian’s equilibrium is sickeningly delicious.

The Bad

I’m not a fan of the cinematography or camera angles in this film. Fresh has a lot of gorgeous places that may be used for creative purposes, but they keep it secure. In Steve’s lovely home, you’ll find an abundance of inspiring design and lighting that are begging to be used in creative ways. Fresh is hindered by the film’s lack of complexity due to its use of simple camera angles.

This is a minor quibble, but the supporting cast as a whole fell short of Sebastian and Daisy’s level of performance. While Daisy and Sebastian will be on camera for the most of Fresh, there are several moments that stand out without them.


This is an excellent novel, and I was pleasantly pleased by the level of the writing. It’s a personal film that does interesting things with a few important social issues. I appreciate how Fresh manages to provide a pleasant conclusion. I’ve had a few times where I thought Fresh would wind up predictable, but I’m glad to have been proven incorrect.

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