Dune Editor Defends The Long Runtime Of Denis Villeneuve’s Movie

Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a fantastic film. They’d also agree it’s a long film. In fact, the movie we have is barely half the plot and will require a second film to finish.

Dune: Part One is nearly two and a half hours long, yet the film’s editor feels a shorter version would be a poorer product.

While Dune Editor has received an Academy Award nomination, Joe Walker tells Screen Daily that cutting the film would have lost vital details about the universe’s politics and the characters’ backstories. Walker provides an explanation.

Dune Editor Defends The Long Runtime Of Denis Villeneuve's Movie

Dune’s politics demands a lot of character and world-building development. There’s so much to consider that previous attempts to adapt Dune to the film have failed.

Character development in movies is usually a difficult balancing act. But you can’t devote the whole movie to one character and make sure the audience understands and empathizes with them. Dune is a complex story, and it’s been difficult to adapt it.

Ultimately, this is why Dune: Part One is a “part one” rather than a big movie in and of itself. It was either going to be two films or an enormously long single movie and of the two, breaking the tale in half is nearly always the preferable option.

Of course, if Dune: Part Two had never come to fruition, we might have felt differently. Fortunately, the sequel that will wrap up the plot wasn’t confirmed when the first film came out, but it has since been approved. Part two may possibly be shorter than the first because of the worldbuilding that was done in the first film. However, that’s not a wager I’d make.

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