How to Activate Citi Bank Credit and Debit Card

Citibank has credit and debit cards for travelers and shopaholics. Citi cards have unique features that let you do more than swipe to pay.

Citi credit and debit cards offer rewards for shopping, dining, watching movies, buying plane tickets, and booking hotels. If you’ve never used a Citi credit card or debit card, you may be unsure how to activate them. This article explains how to activate a Citi debit or credit card.

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Guide to Activate Citi Credit Card and Debit Card

Activating a Citi Credit Card or Debit Card offers perks and benefits over cash. Citi Credit and Debit Cards offer cash back, rewards, no-cost EMIs, and discounts. Citi Credit and Debit Card activation has three options. These:

  1. Citibank SMS activation.
  2. Card activation via the Citi mobile app

1. Activation of Citibank Card by SMS

You can activate your Citibank credit card or debit card by SMS.

  1. You must text Citibank to activate your account.
  2. The activation message appears in the ACT space (last 4 digits of your credit or Debit Card Number> is the activation message.
  3. When you’re done, send the text to 6058.
  4. After you send the message from your phone, Citi Bank will send you a text message to let you know that your credit card or debit card is now active.

NOTE: Make sure the phone number you use to activate your Citi Bank card is linked to the account. 
Citibank Credit or Debit Card activation is only valid in the account’s country.

2. Activate your Citibank card online

Follow these steps to activate your Citibank credit card or debit card with the Citi Mobile App.

  1. Download the Citi Mobile App from the Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iOS).
  2. After downloading the Citi Mobile App, open it and sign in with your Citi Mobile credentials.
  3. Citi Mobile app logins trigger SMS and email notifications from Citi Bank. The Citi Mobile app updates card status quickly.

NOTE: This method is only valid in the U.S. and abroad.

3. Citibank Card Activation Through the Citi Mobile App

Citibank Online can also activate credit and debit cards. Follow these steps to activate your Citi Bank card online.

  1. Go to and log in with your User ID and Password to activate your Citi Bank card.
  2. Once logged in, select “Services/My profile.”
  3. Then select “Card activation” and enter your card’s name. 
    Citi sends SMS and email notifications. This means your Citibank online card status has changed.
  4. This method works domestically and internationally to activate Citi Bank credit and debit cards.

You can activate your Citibank credit or debit card online. Open your browser to the Activate Your Card page, enter the card number, and click Continue. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Citi Bank card.

4. Assistance for Activating your CitiBank Debit Card and Credit Card

If you can’t activate your Citibank Debit or Credit Card, contact Citi Bank Customer Service. Below are Citi Bank’s contact methods.

Citibank Online

Citibank Online lets you send and receive messages for card activation and other questions.

  1. Citibank Online requires a username and password.
  2. After logging in, select Services > My Profile > My Message > Inbox from the blue bar menu. Enter the OTP to continue.
  3. Click “Compose Email” and fill in your inquiry’s details. Click Submit.
  4. Citibank Online’s secure messaging system will respond to your message. Right-click Inbox to see the response.

Citibank contact information

You can also call these numbers for help:

  1. 84-28-3521-1111 (For Enquiries, Submitting a Complaint, a Compliment, or General Feedback).
  2. 84-28-3521-1118 (When Calling from Overseas).
  3. 84-28-3521-1088 (for a Dedicated Citigold Hotline Number).

These are the many ways to activate your Citi Bank card. For Citi Card activation help, call the above Citibank number.

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