Author Changes the Narrative of Black Fathers in New Children’s Book, “Just Like Your Daddy”

Tiffany Parker, a best-selling author and mother of three from Birmingham, Alabama, has published an innovative children’s book, Just Like Your Daddy, in an effort to change the narrative surrounding black fatherhood.

Just Like Your Daddy is an expressive novel that is filled with daily affirmations that are aimed to elevate children of all ages. Just Like Your Daddy is a picture book that is intended for children of all ages. The book was written with the goal of empowering parents and celebrating the bond that exists between a black father and son. Hearing the statement, “You’re just like your daddy” can be disparaging, especially in the black community, and is often used to describe someone. “I wanted to take something that is normally unpleasant and turn it into something nice,” Parker explains. It is the goal of Just Like Your Daddy to inspire parents to recognise that excellent black fathers do exist.

Parker came up with the idea for the book while looking for bedtime stories for her son, who was at the time of writing. She decided to write a storey because she couldn’t find any with characters who looked like her son, so she made one up herself.

Things are said to us as children, whether good or negative, and these things can accompany us all the way into adulthood.” I feel that as parents, we have the ability to disrupt any cycles that we desire with our own children,” Parker adds.

Children of colour with a wonderfully active father are shown positively in the film, Just Like Your Daddy. It stresses the fact that black fathers are cool and like the responsibilities of fatherhood. Parker is adamant about the importance of the black father-son relationship being recognised and celebrated.

“The world will have already informed us that there are no black fathers present.” Being the product of a wonderful father myself, I can assure you that this is simply not the case. This is why it is important to have representation. There are some outstanding fathers out there who will never receive enough acknowledgement. “I hope that my book will contribute to changing that, one page at a time,” Parker says.

Just Like Your Daddy is available for purchase on Amazon.

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About the Author: Tiffany Parker is a New York Times bestselling author, human resources expert, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three children. It is one of her ambitions to write children’s books so that black girls and boys can see themselves mirrored in the images on the pages. With each page she writes, Tiffany hopes to be a small part of altering stereotypes in the black community and changing the narratives that surround them. She believes that her book will serve as an inspiration and affirmation to all young children, showing them that they are capable of incredible things and that they are perfect just the way they are. She is passionate about accomplishing her role by encouraging parents to speak life into their children whenever and wherever they get the opportunity to do so.