Activate Your New Boost Mobile Device & Existing Devices

Boost Mobile is a wireless service provider in the United States. It’s a top prepaid wireless provider. Because of its affordable plans, it’s popular among households. Check out the full post on Boost Mobile’s benefits, the activation process, SIM swapping, etc.

 New Boost Mobile Device

Why Boost? Benefits of Boost Mobile

First, consider Boost Mobile’s benefits.

  • data speed.

  • hotspot

  • Free texting and calling.

  • No yearly contracts.

  • Free roaming

  • Free overage.

  • bill-free.

  • No credit check loans.

  • 99% nationwide

  • Congestion-related data deprioritization 
    Deals on top mobile brands.

Do you know why Boost is good?

Activating Boost Mobile SIM-Bring Your Own Phone

Boost Mobile lets you put their SIM on your own phone. Check your phone’s eligibility and activate the SIM.

Prerequisites for the Boost network:

Unlock your phone for activation. Request unlocking from your service provider. 
Ask your current provider for your account number and a number transfer PIN if you want to keep your phone number. Make sure your number is active and paid. Don’t cancel your services with your current provider until Boost is up and running. 
On Android, go to Settings > About Phone; on iOS, go to Settings > General > About.

Here are the steps to be followed for activation.


  2. Click ‘Continue’ with your device ID.

  3. It shows Boost compatibility.

  4. Compatible phones support Boost SIMs. Boost-incompatible devices can be

  5. replaced. Engage.

  6. Select “Activate.”

  7. Choose “New Customer”

  8. Use the Boost SIM on your own device.

  9. Provide the requested information.

  10. Activate.

Activate Your New Boost Mobile Device at

  1. Visit

  2. Click the ‘Activate’ button.

  3. Activation requires a SIM, service, ID, and contact details.

  4. You can then recharge your SIM with any plan.

  5. Review and pay for the plan’s final details.

  6. Activate Boost Mobile. Enjoy.

Transferring an existing number to Boost

Transferring your number to Boost is easy. Do this.

  1. Click ‘Activate’ on the website.

  2. Keep the existing number. Boost Mobile will contact your current provider to resolve the issue.

Keep your old SIM until the activation is complete. This will be confirmed via SMS.

On business days, Boost will activate your number within 4–24 hours. During this time, you can still use your number.

If the number isn’t transferred within 24 hours, contact Boost’s support team.

Best Boost Mobile Phones

Boost Mobile will replace your phone if it’s not compatible. The best boosted mobile phones include:

  1. Galaxy S20 FE G780F from Samsung.

  2. The Moto G Power.

  3. Galaxy A21 from Samsung.

  4. Fast, Moto G Fast.

  5. Galaxy A11 from Samsung

  6. Stylo 6 by LG

  7. Google Pixel 5 camera

Boost Mobile’s website has great deals on mobile devices. They’re online.

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