Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku: Apple TV and Xbox Updated

The Showtime Anytime app and can be used to stream Showtime content. In this guide, we’ll show you how to watch this premium Tv network’s most popular shows.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku

Guide to Activate Showtime Anytime

Your TV-watching has changed. Why stream traditional entertainment when you can watch more online? Showtime’s app gives subscribers unlimited fun. See how to activate the app on your device.

  1. Download Showtime Anytime to activate it.

  2. Play an app-based show.

  3. Choose a Tv service. Choose a streaming service.

  4. Copy the Tv’s code and visit the activation page.

  5. On another device, go to

  6. Enter the activation code.

These are great channel-activation tips.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Any Device

Does Showtime? If not, get it quickly so you can stream everything you love. Streaming services and TV providers offer it. High-speed Internet is another must-have. Once these are ready, you can begin activation.

  1. On your streaming device, launch ShowtimeAnytime. It’s also for smart TVs. Oculus Go/Quest users should also download the app. (This is not Showtime.) Showtime Anytime

  2. Next, click “Activate” or “Play” in the app’s Settings menu.

  3. This should display a TV activation code.

  4. Note the code, then visit

  5. If prompted, log in to the Showtime Anytime app. “Menu” > “Settings” Click “Activate Devices.”

  6. Here, enter your code. 

Pressing “Submit” displays a success message. It’s ready to use.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku at

Roku users can watch Showtime here.

  1. Press the Roku remote’s Home button to start the device.

  2. Click “+Add channel” in the Roku Channel Store to add the channel.

  3. Launch Showtime any time after installing to generate an activation code. Choose a TV provider.

  4. Then, visit on your laptop. (You can access the activation page on your smartphone.)

  5. You may need to log in to the app. “Menu” Settings” Tap “Activate Devices.”

Click “Submit” after entering your code.

Done! Stream TV shows and movies.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox One Device

Follow these steps if you have an Xbox One.

  1. SHOWTIME Anytime should be installed.

  2. Follow on-screen instructions to get an activation code. Codify.


  4. Click “Submit” after entering the code.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Apple TV?

Showtime on Apple TV? Covered.

  1. Apple TV’s debut.

  2. Install the app from the “App Store.”

  3. Pick any app.

  4. Tap “Play” or “Activate” in Settings to get a code. The TV shows this.

  5. Note the code before visiting the activation page, i.e.

  6. is a separate device.

  7. Enter your app login information. “Menu” > “Settings” Tap “Activate Devices” afterward.

  8. Click “Submit” after entering the code.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Smart TV or Oculus device.

To stream Showtime Anytime, you need to:

High internet speed.

Showtime (from a TV provider or streaming service)

Steps to Activate Showtime Anytime

On your streaming device, smart TV, or Oculus, download Showtime Anytime (not Showtime).

Open the app and select “Play” or “Activate” from the Settings menu.

on-screen activation code. Notate

Now, visit and enter the code. Press “Submit.”

You’ll need to use your TV provider’s info to log into Showtime.

A success message appears after activation. Stream Showtime whenever you want.

Can I (as a student) access Showtime

Anytime through Spotify Premium?

Showtime Anytime doesn’t support Spotify Premium. Showtime (not Showtime Anywhere) is available through Spotify Premium. Here’s how:

First, activate Showtimeon and the Showtime app are now live.

Note: Showtime isn’t available on Spotify.

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