How Do I Activate My Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart offers gift cards that shoppers can use to buy gifts with. For use, activate the card. Activate your Walmart via phone, online, or in-store. An ID, activation code, and PIN are needed. For card activation help, call customer support.

Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart is a global retailer. Gifts are one of their various consumer promotions.

Gift certificates might be for inexpensive trinkets or over $250 in value. Walmart’s gift card policy is straightforward.

The company does not require electronic, less-than-25-card, or less-than-$250 gift cards to be activated. Security requires activating gift cards worth more than $250 and bulk purchases of more than 25. Anyone could use the card without activation.

Activate the card so you can use it at other online and physical retailers.

Walmart sends an activation email when you order a gift card. Verify your Walmart account’s address. You can activate your Walmart gift card in various ways:


The following steps need to be taken in order to activate your Walmart Gift Card online:

  •  Start your browser.
  • Open Walmart’s email URL. Your Walmart gift card should have the URL. Hackers have created identical sites to steal gift cards, so be sure you use the right URL.
  • Enter your ID, activation code, and PIN. Walmart’s email has them.
  • Enter the activation code and access your card to activate it. Registering your card adds theft protection.

At the Store:

You can use your Walmart Gift Card at any store. A gift card is a store credit that can be used to purchase items.

When you buy a gift card, you can choose the amount. Walmart lets you choose the precise card amount.

Once you use the loaded amount, the gift card will be activated. Check with the cashier to make sure the gift card is active and usable. The cashier can issue an activation receipt.

By Phone:

Walmart’s toll-free number activates gift cards. The number appears on Walmart’s email and gift cards.

The card’s ID number, activation code, and PIN are useful for phone activation. If there’s no sticker covering the details, the card is presumably enabled.

Not all cards have PINs, so if yours doesn’t, don’t worry.

When calling the toll-free number, have the card handy. It’s easy to find what you need.

To activate a Walmart gift card, follow the voice prompts or call customer care. If it doesn’t work, try other Walmart customer support lines.

Walmart Gift Cards

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