Activate iHeartRadio on Roku: Fire TV, Vizio TV, Xbox & DirecTV

Activate iHeartRadio ( to save your favorite songs from live broadcasts in digital playlists. Thrilled? You can listen to personalized music stations, live radio stations, podcasts, playlists, and more on iHeartRadio, a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform.

Activate iHeartRadio ( to stream the best podcasts and other topics like business & finance, black culture, the black effect, comedy, crime, curiosity, entertainment, health, food, holidays, politics, relationships, sports, and science & technology. activate

iHeartRadio is available in the US, CA, AU, MEX, PR, and NZ. iHeartRadio is available on 250 device platforms, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, cars, home audio, online, WatchOS, and more.

Guide to Activate iHeartRadio on Roku, Fire TV at

iHeartRadio, owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., has 250,000 podcasts and a music recommendation system. Here’s how to install and activate iHeartRadio.

Signing up for iHeartRadio is required before activating it on your preferred platform.

How to Sign up for iHeartRadio Account?

Follow these steps to join iHeartRadio.

  1. Open your browser and type “” into the signup page.

  2. Below “Log In to Activate Device” is “Don’t have an account? Choose “Register.”

  3. Click it to go to a page requesting information.

  4. Email, Birthday, Password, Zip Code, and Gender.

  5. “Register”

  6. Registered!

How to install the iHeartRadio App from Roku Channel Store?

Roku users can listen to music with the iHeartRadio app. You must have a Roku account before continuing.

  1. Hold Roku’s home button to begin. This displays the TV’s home screen.

  2. Right-click the streaming channel.

  3. Look for “iHeartRadio” in Roku’s “Music” section.

  4. If you can’t find the channel, use the search bar.

  5. Click “Add channel” after finding the channel.

  6. Click “OK.” This installs the app on Roku.

  7. After installing, check your Roku for the app.

  8. Open it, get the activation code, and use

Activating the iHeartRadio App on Roku at

After installing the iHeartRadio app on Roku, activate it.

  1. Open iHeartRadio on the Roku.

  2. The activation link should be displayed on the television.

  3. Go to with the link code.

  4. Login with credentials.

  5. Offer the activation code on TV and activate Roku Streaming.

iHeartRadio App

iHeartRadio is now available on Roku.

iHeartRadio on Roku

iHeartRadio streams live radio. It enables its users to make custom stations.

The app detects stations based on location (1,500 live stations across America). 
You can browse by genre or city/state. 
Log into iHeartRadio and browse by artist. Save the stations and songs.

How to Add and Activate iHeartRadio on Amazon Fire TV?

Amazon Fire TV also supports iHeartRadio. Here’s how:

  1. Search for iHeartRadio on Amazon Fire TV’s home screen.
  2. Click “Free” on the app.
  3. Downloading the iHeartRadio app Open the app to sign in.
  4. You’ll get a code.
  5. Go to
  6. Join iHeartRadio.
  7. Enter the activation code (received earlier).

Finally! iHeartRadio on Fire TV is activated.

Activate iHeartRadio on Vizio TV at

  1. How to use iHeartRadio on VIZIO TV:
  2. Double-tap “V” on your VIZIO remote.
  3. Check all the tabs for iHeartRadio (Featured, Latest, All Apps, Categories).
  4. Hold ‘OK’ until the iHeartRadio app is added.

All Apps > Connect TV Store > V. Select iHeartRadio, then click OK. Choose ‘Install’

Open the TV app once it’s installed. Generate an activation code. 
Visit on your phone or computer. 
Enter the activation code on your iHeartRadio account. 
A success message appears after activation. 
Follow the VIZIO TV’s on-screen instructions.

Activate iHeartRadio on Xbox

Xbox users can also activate the iHeartRadio app.

  1. Sign in to your Xbox device.
  2. Now, look for iHeartRadio in the Xbox Store.
  3. Install the app on Xbox. the installation will end soon.
  4. Open the app to get a code. Mark the code.
  5. Log into from a different device.
  6. Follow the instructions to activate the code.

How to add iHeartRadio on DirecTV?

Listen to music, sports, and more on iHeartRadio with DirecTV. Engage-

  1. Launch DirecTV.
  2. Right-click apps.
  3. iHeartRadio.

So you can add and activate iHeartRadio on many devices. By following the instructions, you can add and activate the app on Android TV, Apple TV, Vizio TV, XBOX 360, PS4, computer, and Android and Apple smartphones.

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